Friday, October 21, 2011

Vintage Lover till the cows come home (Frock on Friday)

Frock on Friday is here! Today was the first time I wore this dress and I am gonna say I am in love with the darn thing.

Dress: $0.50 Church thrift $2.00 bag sale

Hat: $0.99 Salvation Army

Shoes: $0.75 Local Thrift $5.00 bag sale

Outfit total: $2.24

(Minus Undies)


*Moo Mooo* "Come back cows!"

The pics with the cows were taken up in the mountains. The cows were totally camera shy and started making their way up the hill when we got out of the vehicle. It probably didn't help I was calling them. "Cows Cows where are you going? Don't leave cows.. you are so cute" *lol*

I was slightly hesitant and ready to run to the vehicle had a cow got angry.

(My Great Great Grandmother was killed by a Bull on their farm.)

"Hello my name is Ruby Loo"

"Welcome to Canada: Here is what we have to offer"
(This should be on a brochure)

CanCan can you do the CanCan

That's all folks!

Have a *DELIGHTFUL* weekend

P.s. I have reached 100+ Followers and am rather excited about it too! (Thank you to each and everyone of you.) I will be having a contest giveaway in November to celebrate. I am still on the hunt for a couple more vintagey items.


  1. You look gorgeous.Love your bangs.That dress is it.For a sec I thought you were's the pose and your hair.Your bangs are so cute.I can't look at them or I am gonna hack mine friday.Congrats on reaching 100 followers.xx

  2. wow this pictures are really amazing dear, total bombshell in this divadress and fabulous hat!!! and also your make up is superglamourous!!!
    love and kiss,mary

  3. Oh wow that's a cute hat. Your dress is sooo pretty I love the print and the cut on you. I love your pics too you always have super fun posts :)

  4. LOVE this fab frock and you know I love a location shoot! You look GORGEOUS! Happy weekend.

    Sarah xxx

  5. Adore the dress! Perfect for you, too. And Canada looks good too.

  6. You look so very very beautiful!! That dress is just amazing on you, love it with the hat.
    Happiness is 100 poppets, congratulation!

  7. You are a wonderful advert for the beauty of Canada! Look how cute you are!
    I LOVE your frock. $0.50? Madness! So your outfit came in at $2.24, minus undies? Now I know you like your undies so what do you suppose they cost? I still think it's probably a bargainiferous outfit, which looks fabulous!
    Who needs cows anyway?

  8. I love your dress too, I think it's my favourite (so far) and I love your new lippy, it really suits you. My husband's family live in Quebec btw x

  9. Oh my pretty little cocnut dont you look so sweet.
    If you was a candy
    Youd be good enough to eat.


    Looking great there xxx

  10. aaww you look gorgeous and such a lovely backdrop. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  11. I love the black with the floral, such a cool contrast. Canada looks beautiful, one day I will have to visit!

  12. ADORE that dress! You look like a vintage goddess prancing about on the hills. The cows obviously had to move away because they were blinded by the amazing-ness of the dress!

    I love your hair like that! xxx

  13. $2.24?!!! I can't even eat for that cheap. You look STUNNING :D

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  14. Gorgeous! You look absolutely beautiful. That frock is a dream and that red lippie is ravishing on you. x

  15. MOST stunning outfit on you EVEr!! Love it! You look SO GOOD out there on location!

    Keep waiting on the vanity. I'll send my best op shopping vibes over there for you. And you know - the longer you're been without something, the more you LOVE it when you finally get it!


  16. I love this frock so much, gorgeous MaMa.
    your make is awesome amor. what a steal!oooh that hat. I am also a vintage hat whore.
    The cows couldn't handle your hotness! you have sexy legs. I am leg perv.