Friday, October 28, 2011

Coloring hair (hallabaloo)

*Oh and look.. I got a free gift*

Don't you love free gifts? I do I sometimes buy and item.. just cause I get another for free. *heh*

My Dye Story

Am I the only one who thinks this? I am almost certain... I am not *hopefully*.

I started dyeing my hair when I was about 12 or 13 with friends. My Mom wasn't too thrilled, but one time during a sleepover one of my friends and I applied red streaks to our hair. From then on the dyeing continued. I don't even remember all the colors I have been through but I did have a red phase for about 3 years straight and then after that I went to black for a couple years.

Around 20 my hair was quite damaged from the dye and the hair straightening and everything else... So I buzzed it off. YUP *bZZZZT* My long hair that was to mid back fell onto the bathroom floor... I second guessed doing this at 1/3 of the way through... but really what was I gonna do with the 1 inch hair I had in the front of my head??? (Crazy glue in some extensions?!) Once my hair was buzzed I didn't dye it again until it was about chin length. I only dyed it twice a year and was alot more careful with it. It grew in nice and thick, got passed my shoulders. And then I went through a stressful time in my life and my hair got quite thin. *UHGGGG* So I did not dye it for around 2 1/2 years. I was worried it might be too fragile and could just break off or something... Now ever since these hair issues.. I have found that I get REALLY NERVOUS when it comes to applying hair dye.

My natural color is a medium brown... but in the past couple years I have been noticing some stupid grey strands here and there. The last time I dyed my hair until two days ago was in January.. The black came and went and until last week my hair had been my natural color. I could not leave it any longer and once I found the dye I use for a sale price of 50% off what excuse did I have? Other than thinking my hair would fall off (Cause seriously that is the only reason I left it so long.)

I mixed up the the dye, had on my gloves, held the bottle near my hair... and seriously started feeling anxious... It was ridiculous. I finally had my whole head saturated.. *Including blue ear tips and for head streaks too* The whole 25 min I had to wait I was antsy and pacing thinking I felt weird things going on to my scalp.


Finally the timer was up I washed it out and when I realized most of my hair was staying intact I let out a breath of relief.

Now I do not look relieved do I?

I look like I am getting my mug shot taken after a massive booze bender.

"HEY GUYS LOOK I still have my hair"

I am posting this for the next time I have to dye my hair... I may be able to resort back to this post in a time of worry.


Question: I have heard Henna is alot healthier and safer for your hair. I know you can get red and black. Has any of your tried black Henna? I was thinking of maybe giving it a try in the future.

No Frock on Friday for me unfortunately

Today was busy as we had shopping to do. In the morning we are waking up early and going on our out of town day trip.

So I will be thrifting in new territory!


But I will leave you with what I purchased for $1 this afternoon.

I seriously let out a squeak when I saw these sitting on a bottom shelf at The Salvation Army.



  1. I just recently started following your blog and oh my gosh I don't know how I lived before it. You are seriously the funniest woman in blog land. LOVE the hair, I've always wanted to go red but I'm waaay too chicken. Lol Good luck on the thrifting!

  2. Yeah for hair not falling out!I've dyed mine for SO long but have given it a break for the last 3 years.Weird to have my natural color but I figured I ought to enjoy it before the grays start coming and I HAVE to dye it.

  3. Love your lobster spreaders so very you lol Hair dye freaks me out too But I gotta do it now and not coz I want to.
    just a warning too you may experience hair loss after giving birth lol But dont let that deter you I want to see some baby coconuts one day lol

  4. I have given up doing my hair myself. It never takes at the back, drive me nuts! Now I have to get streaks (done by my hairdresser cousin) but she said to me the other day that I am starting to get some greys so might have to do my whole head again...but that doesn't work does it!! I had a bald patch at the back of my hair for a while and my cousin told me I might go bald, I happened to be drunk at the time and told everyone I was moving to the USA! Lobsters are cute!

  5. It looks so shiny - and not cos of a frazzled bald patch, you're ok! I haven't dyed mine for years now, but there are loads of ruined towels shoved at the back of the airing cupboard at my mum's!

    Excellent lobsters - made for you ;-)

  6. Your new color looks great and soooo shiney.I go through the same with mine.I use high lift color so with a high volume developer not to mention after stripping the black out my hair looks frizzy if I don't use leave in your lobster spreaders.Every time I see lobster things I think of you.xx

  7. I've been dying my hair every two weeks for 27 years, I'm fine and you will be too!

    Sarah xxx

  8. You are so funny! I've only been dyeing mine for 5 years and (touch wood) there's been nothing worse that a dye splattered towel. I only touch up the roots and never do the length of my hair but I still hate doing it, if Jon's around I get him to do it for me.
    Love those lobster thingies. What are they for? xxx

  9. You and your hair survived!! I love the photos of the whole terrifying but successful process!
    I think I should start doing mine myself again, as the hairdresser is SO expensive, but I'm worried I'd make a hash of it. I found it hard to just do the roots myself, and I am getting so damn grey - no no no, NOT ready for that!!!
    Little lobster knives (are they knives?) are very cute and perfect for you!! xxxxxx

  10. oh how i hate to dye my hair i always wonder after it that i still have hair on my head too haha but don´t worry you look great;)
    bloody kisses and happy halloween,mary

  11. You cutie pie! your always so funny.
    I dye my roots only too, I remember when I used to dyr my hair every six months.your hair looks fine so nothing to worry about amor. those lobster spread are so cute.