Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Koala gave me Crabs by Sea Mail *Eeeee*

Sea animal fabric, wash cloth, satin scarf, picture & Crab wall pocket

"I squealed with delight when a package from Nelly arrived at my door yesterday morning."
It is Utterly CRAB-TASTIC!

The envelope said it had been posted on August 17 *eeeaash*

That means the crabs had a good 2 months in the Ocean


Look at the look on this crabs face.. Omg it is adorable & demented all in one.

Nelly spoiled me to the end of the ocean...

(Leather white gloves * Dice ring * scrabble ring * domino brooch * sweet pink lavender scented heart * hanker chief with a M for my name ( Moconut) * Sewing needles * Yellow daisy patterned scarf * Purple heart pendant)

(Aus calendar tea towel )

Cute books

(Nelly didn't know this but I used to LOVE smokey bear when I was little.)

A Crochet and Knitting pattern book

Inside pic

Inside Pic

(Bottom item Australia bath towel * Cockatoo necklace * cute stuffed chicken * wood maple leaf * mini pixie mug * blow up palm tree * vintage Olsen's Caves hanker chief)

She wrapped everything up all nice and pretty in this floral paper.

I really COULD have taken pics before everything got attacked by me... but I didn't have the patience! *lol*

Also there was a pack of smarties and some hubba bubba in the package too. But I ate the chocolate to quickly and had already broke into the Bubbalicious.


*Dice ring goes well with my polish see*

*I was ECSTATIC when I seen this top*

I love it to bits and will surely wear it alot it the spring and summer.

But right now it's getting quite chilly so what Nelly made me below will come in VERY HANDY

"OHHHH a knitted scarf in my favorite color!!"

And I think it is completely perfect, and wore it for half the day today... Even when I was inside my house. *hahahah*

I only know how to crochet... But I am thinking these needles were thrown in to give me a kick in the pants to learn how to knit.

Note to Nelly: Nobody in my family (Even Grandmas) really knit or crochets... So this scarf you made is quite special because I am almost certain that this is one of the first handmade out of yarn gifts made especially for me. (Excluding maybe when I was a baby and some lady from church might have made me a blanket or toy or something.) Which might or might not have happened I really don't have the slightest clue. So thank you very much I will cherish the scarf you made.

Now in this package there was a card and in the card it said

"The apron is for Mr. V.C"

Well the Mr. quite liked the apron as soon as he rolled out of bed this morning (Seriously no joke) I threw the apron over his neck and got him out on the patio for a picture.

(Maybe you can tell by his hair)


The Bush Tucker & his tongs

*Snap snap like a Crab or Lobster he goes*

Here is me in the cozy scarf! And I am here to say that Nelly.. you are the opposite of a Grinch... *hehe*

You are more like a Australian Santa Claus

Thank you for the lovely gifts. I appreciate them all & kinda feel like I celebrated Christmas a bit early.

You are such a generous Chicky with a wicked and fun personality

I don't think there would be anything any of us would change about you even if we could.

~* Her Nelly-ness*~


  1. LOL I cacked myself reading this (well not really )but giggled and had a silly grin on my face for all the world to see lol.
    I am so glad it came was so hard not telling you it was on its way.
    I am so happy you loved it all I couldnt remember half of what I sent you.
    I thought you was an 82 baby hense the teatowel oops a year too late lol
    Now the scarf I just didnt know when to stop so waited till I was nearly finished the whole ball lol
    The duck coz I think you told me your toy duck died.
    The number 5 on the domino coz its your fav number and I ran out of number 5 for top of dice.
    The crusatacna parapkenalia well we know why dont we? Am so glad you like getting crabs from Aus lol.
    The top coz I remember you drooling over it
    The apron coz knew Mr VC would look hot in it and he does.
    Now you know why I gave you the 20 questions ages ago enjoy darling and I hope I visit you in my dreams soon we will then go treasure hunting together xxx

  2. What a lovely package and how v. lovely of Nelly to spoil you so x

  3. You are a lucky girl! What a beautiful surprise.

    A Child's Garden of Verses was my absolutely favorite book when I was young. I bet I still have every poem memorized.

  4. Wow! That's what I call generous! :D

  5. What a wonderful parcel, VC! Nelly's got your tastes to a tee. I love your crabby collection, that hippy top and that beautiful green scarf and Mr VC's looking mighty fine in his pinny.
    How gorgeous is that Afghan Square mini skirt? I'd die for that. I swear she's wearing my sunglasses. xxx

  6. Great goodies from the fabulous Nelly for the equally fabulous YOU! Good things come to those who wait!
    And Mr VC is looking MIGHTY fine! xxxxxxx

  7. wow the crabs really were on a long journey;) but thanks god and nelly they arrive finally at their new home now ;) and how fabulous is this green scarf!!!
    love and kiss,mary

  8. Being a Cancerian I think you should send all those wonderous crabs to me!

  9. I was going to say that model has raided Vix's sunny collection but she appears to have beat me to it! lol
    Such lovely and FUN gifts! That dice ring is awesome and I loooooove your polish!

  10. Nelly is the business! What a wonderful parcel!!!SO many fab goodies,I would have wet myself! Mr VC is a hawt dawg in that fine bush tucker apron!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  11. What a generous biatch! you lobster whore!cute everything, I love to eat lobster. Mr.VC reminds of an actor, he is handsome. he can wear an apron anytime.
    In highschool, I use to wear a lot of brown cinnamon eyeshadow. I always looked like a chola prostitute.

  12. Such lovely things! You are one lucky girl. The scarf looks good on you.

  13. Wow that did come a jolly long way. What a lovely little parcel to receive in the post. Great scarf too...I do things like that as well!! x

  14. Our darling Nelly is the sweetest and most kind-hearted woman in the universe and I know this because I met her a few months ago!! What an amazing, thoughtfully put together gift package - I LOVE the blow up coconut palm and I'm soooo envious of the amazing scarf - our fave colour isn't it Moconut!! Oh yes, as for the green lurex pants, they are the absolute biz and I will get them on my butty asap for you:)). Thank you so much for all your wonderfully kind comments my lovely friend, you put big smiles on our faces here:) xoxo

  15. what lovely prezzies.Love it all.Love your nails.they look good.xx

  16. where did the grich tee come from?? want want want!

  17. @the fashion turd
    I found mine in a thrift shop. But you can buy them online here: