Thursday, October 13, 2011

BANGS & Things I found to keep me warm

"And there goes about 2 inches!" My Mother hates when I cut my bangs short. Every single time I do it as soon as she See's me she says "You cut your bangs again....." Long bangs look really good on some people. But I REALLY don't think they do on me. I have a round face (Like Pumpkin round) And when my bangs start to cover my eyebrows... I think it makes my face look ROUNDER and weird.


"So here's to you Mom!"

*Hehehe* I also told her... When I have her grand kids (In the future) If I have a little girl. She will have bangs JUST like this. *MUAHAH muahaha*

Oh yea the point to this picture is the suede jacket. Also was from the bag sale so I would have paid under $1 for it.

It is my first suede jacket

So see these shoes? WELL THEY ARE DEADLY! They are one size too big.. but I stuck them in my bag sale bag to put up on E-bay. When you walk in these puppies you are only walking on the front pads of your feet that are just behind your toes.

*Meow* *Falls over and cracks ankle*
(Didn't happen but COULD have)

Vintage winter bonnet hat $1
(I love this and want to wear it in the snow)
I found the Faux fur white coat two days later. It was found at a store that has dollar tag sales. And what do you know it was the right color of tag.

Member my weird lobster photo from last post??
Well this is what I was hiding.
A vintage wool tartan cape / poncho
I also stuffed it into my bag sale bag... with the shoes and suede jacket.

I bought the huge faux fur hat on Sunday for $1.99
I wonder what the people that drove by me while I was taking these pics thought?! *eheheh* I had some weird looks!

Suede boots were purchased last fall for $5

TA-DA It's reversible!

Does anyone know what is in my hand? It is one of the things I found on the weekend. Will have more pics of it soon.

Mr. Coconut and I
(He's wearing a 1960's shirt I found him for $1 and he picked out the hat himself for $12 It was dead stock so I suppose it was worth it.)

*I VANT to suck YER BLOOD*

Robin Hood wanna be!

The End

"It's FOF soon and my dress is wrinkly"


  1. EEEK! Fab cape!!Fab goodies generally,furry balls and all!!! Those shoes are insanely high!!! Styley though.
    I just love your fringe,however long it is!!You look adorable! I wish I had enough hair for one,but it's soooo fine!!! Bah humbug to fine hair!

  2. love the cape and the furry winter hat!I'm attempting to grow my bangs out again...I don't know if I can do it as I like my bangs really short too.

  3. Love your finds - especially the tartan cape - "pure dead brilliant" as we say here in Scotland! (You have to say it with a Scottish accent!)
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Shoes=love,hat- have one or 2 had a white one as a kid kept it for yrs sis had a red one.Love how it looks on you.White jacket=sweet as,Cape-Sherlock Coconut xxx
    Mr Coconut-hotty!!
    Red thing in hand=a helmut of some sort?
    My freind Coconut=gorgeous and funny.
    You sure did well in your finds what a bargain on it all!
    Oh I forgot to ask why are they called bangs?

  5. Ooh, another person with a fab cape, awesome! Your pics are so funny and cute, they always put a smile on my face. Can I say I think your fringe looks better longer?? I know you'll disagree though!!

  6. I like your bangs shorter they are adorable!!

  7. I love the word bangs even though as a Brit I have to say fringe. I just got one cut - first time in quite a while - and I loved it in the hair dressers, can't do ANYTHING with it now! Aargh! How do you keep yours in line? I'm rubbish at blow drying.

    Great cape and I love your fluffy balls hat! Is the mystery object some kind of lunch pail a la Dorothy in return to Oz?

  8. I like your bangs. I'm the same as Helga my hair is two fine and I'm too lazy to maintain it. Your cape is fan-freakin-tastic no wonder you needed the lobster to cover it. I would totally be on my butt in those shoes he he.

    Em x

  9. I love that reversible cape & the little furry pompom bonnet too. I don't like footwear that I can't walk properly in, sometimes I see chicks in the street really struggling to walk in their killer heels and I just feel sorry for them. Looking like a lame ostrich when you walk is surely never a good look.
    As far as I am concerned shoes like that are for photos only.
    Have a grand old weekend! x

  10. @Helga I wish I could grow my dang hair as long as yours. But once it gets to the middle of my booboids it starts looking WAY to stringy. *sigh*

    @art deco dame I was thinking of growing mine out also and that is why I let them get so long. Then I figured before I grow them out I should figure out how I will want to wear them when they are longer. Because mine looks a bit to thick swept over to one side and that was frustrating me. *lol* *Goodluck on your bang quest*

    @Liz I tried it with a Scottish accent in my head and I totally see what you mean. It does sound alot better. =D *hehehe*

    @Nelly *heheh a helmut of some sort* No silly ahahaha but that would be funny if I was wondering around by a river in a cape and hlding a helmut. *giggles*
    I dunno why they are called bangs here. Sort of weird isn't it?

    @Kitty *DISAGREE!!* lol naww I am joking!
    I was on the verge of growing them out until 2 days ago when I wore that orange headband and the ends of my bangs were poking my eyeballs! *haha* I felr like a sheep dog. Now I did go a little extreme on the trim I usualy have it maybe a half in longer or so but when evening it out... I went snip crazy.

  11. @Living Vintage Thank you, they are alot easier to maintain quite short. Except when you wake up in the morning with some spiked hair. *hehe*

    @Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping]
    As soon as I am out of the shower I comb it down, So it doesn't decide where it is going to go on its own. I do that 2 or 3 times while it is drying to help shape it how I want. Alot of times by the time it is dry it is perfectly how I wanted it. (Try using a bristle type brush boar or plastic, the kind with the rubber cushion backing)If that doesn't work just take a straightning Iron to it.

    @Vintage Sweetheart Hahahah a lobster to cover the cape. *sounds so strange doesn't it* The shoes are seriously ridiculous the back heel is like 5 inches and when I walked through the grass the heels were punching holes into the lawn. *LOL*

    @Frocktasia *Ahhh* I agree about the big heeled shoes. Heck if you can walk in them fine wear them. But if your shuffling your feet across the floor and wobbling around like you have had a bit too much to drink... find something more appropriate for your damn feet. *ahah*
    You have a delightful weekend yourself. =)

  12. I used to wear my fringe like yours, Jon secretly hated it and when I grew it out said I looked like an escapee from the nuthouse.
    You look gorgeous with your shorter fringe, edgier and even cheekier, it's fab on you.
    Love that cape and the bonnet. I nearly bought one the same from a vintage shop the other day but I was drunk and couldn't justify the £10 they wanted for it.
    I love killer heels, I bet Mr VC loves you in them, too, they look so sexy. Talking of sexy he's a bit of a looker, isn't he? xxx

  13. I think you look such a cute Coconut with your fringe/bangs short - not like a pumpkin in the slightest!!
    Great cape (will have to show you mine at some point), beautiful furry balls - and the hat ain't bad either, hahahaha!
    No, I would be struggling in those shoes, definitely for posing only. Sexy though.
    Gorgeous photo of you and Mr C. Have a fabulous weekend! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    PS. Did you check out the crab dress on pennydreadful's blog?

  14. Just caught your blog from Helga's. You're a hoot. You have a good eye for bargains too! I look forward to reading more :) I like my bangs short too lol

  15. I just love your bangs.I am trying to grow mine again and i know I will cut them.I have the same problem I hate long bangs on me and i hate when I can see them.Love that pancho and the white fur hat and coat.xx

  16. P.S.I love those fashtitute shoes.they are hot mammas.xx

  17. @Vix *Oh my* Jon is bad! *lol*
    THANK God I showed my guy a pic of my bangs from a few days ago (When they were long) And then a new pic right after I cut them. I asked what he liked better. And thank heavens he said shorter. Had he said I looked like I escaped an crazy ward I would have cried! ahaha
    I suppose he is alright... AHAH *LAUGHS* Well I married him so that says something. lol

    @PastCaring Thanks for your bang approval. ;)
    You have a good weekend also.
    p.s. I went and looked up the dress. (AHHH so cute)

    @pinktutu72 Hello nice to meet you!
    *Does a cheer for short bangs* "woo woo WOO"

    @vintage_kitten I am not growing out my bangs until I find a vintage-ish hairstyle that will be easy for me to do. I had one length hair for such a long time I don't want to go back to it any time soon. I think I had it the same way for about 16 years or so. *Wishing you luck on the hair quest*

  18. Your bangs make me want bangs!! I picked up a cape this morning for $3, it's not quite as fabulous as your but I love it all the same, I will have to wait 6 months now to wear it.

    Ah, your red thing is a picnic set! I love that it matches your cape.

  19. aaaaah i don´t know what i want to steal first, your supercool and stylish cape omg i´m so in love it is checked and red!!! can any cape be more perfect? i don´t think so! and than this white winterdream bonnet hat with the furry balls, how adorable is this!!! and this first pic of you wearing it is so amazing dear, you remind me of betty page but more glamourous of course!!!
    have a great weekend!
    love and kiss,mary

  20. love, love love the vintage winter bonnet hat and your Russian hat rocks especially with your bad ass reversible cape. your fotos make me crack up.
    your such a cutie pie. I let my bangs grow out, I always had Bettie bangs since birth. my parents would tell me you cut them too short your cheeks look big,lol