Friday, October 7, 2011

Country Road Sunset Frock on Friday

Today was rather busy and I did not get to taking my FOF pics until 6:00 p.m.

The Mr. and I went and got some sandwiches to go, and drove out to where these pics were taken in the Country.

The whole time we were there only 4 cars drove by.

Oh and a train but I will tell you about that in a minute.

I have had this dress since about November last year. I purchased it and another at the same time. Both the same style just completely different colors and fabrics. Will show you the other sometime soon.

I think the dress used to have a tag which is long gone. There is a place where one once sat. But I never got the pleasure of taking a peek at it.

I got scared because there was some big rocks and one of them had a (SNAKE SKIN) on it! *Ewww*

~The little gravel road to who knows where~

Once we got to this destination... (after eating) we were getting ready to take these pics for this post. I found where I was going to stand and then seen a train coming up the tracks and said "Oh no a train is coming, I don't want it to see me" *lol* (Meaning the people in it not exactly the train) haha

Mr. Coco says "Who cares it's just a train"

So minutes later he is taking a few photos while I trot around in my green shoes, when all of a sudden I look and see the train conductor coming out his window.... I was REALLY caught off guard when he started waving his arm back and forth yelling "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH"

My guys face was priceless (Staring at the conductor like he belonged in a loony bin) and I didn't know what to do. I should have waved back but I was just slightly weirded out buy a gray haired gentleman hanging his top half body out of a moving train waving and hoot and hollering.

I will admit it sort of made my evening!

~Let's bust this joint~

Shoes my man surprised me with last month.

He knew I wanted them from a thrift but I thought they were priced a little high. Knowing the store was going to be having a 50% off sale in a couple days, he went back without me knowing when he got off his work shift and bought them for me. How can a girl pass up green leather or shoes that have a name of a food?

Today I had a rather lovely day at the thrift shops... I will show you my finds very soon.

Happy Weekend Bloggie Friends.


  1. Bagels on your feet!!! How fabulous!!!
    Love this sunset coloured frock,darl,and wahta loevly setting!!! So hilarious about the train,the old dude must have thought he'd found a live one!!! Yee!!

  2. Bagel shoes and sponge bob socks, your feet make me smile!!!! What fun!!!! Happiness to you!!!! V

  3. That dress is beautiful and what a fab man you have to go and out surprise you with footwear.
    Green shoes named after food? Sounds perfect to me. xxx

  4. LOL you shoulda woohooed back you sausage lol Next time coz you hav eto go back there same time lol.I can see why he whoo hooed you tho you look great and probably the best looing female he has seen for

  5. Hi! very nice blog! :) I follow you!!
    look my sketches if you want!
    big hugh from Italy!

  6. Cute shoes and a whoo-hooo, that's a good day. You look super.

  7. Amor,
    Hahaayy!! train story made me laugh so hard. your frock is gorgeous and I love the sunset setting.

  8. The pics are great and the frock is gorgeous and bagels, mmmm, I love 'em.

  9. yOU LOOK MAGNIFICENT! i would have wooted if I were the train driver too! Hee hee.

  10. haha what a hilarious story, but i can understand he couldn´t believe his eyes seeing such a pretty lady in that fabulous frock!!! and your bagel shoes are amazing too!
    love and kiss,mary

  11. That dress is so gorgeous, you look amazing, and green bagel shoes - perfect!
    The photos are wonderful, totally worth being ogled at by a train conductor - you must have made his day!
    I haven't got over my self-consciousness at being photographed with other people around. I'm fine on my own but feel mortified in front of anyone else, so a train full of people would probably have scared me off! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. I love these photos with the sun going down. The frock is pretty fab too. Your hubby is one sweet man going back to get those shoes for you. I love the cut out in the wedge. I can't believe that conductor lent out of the window to yell out at you how hilarious. I photographed in the front garden today and people stared at me as they drove by!

  13. It used to freak me out when people saw me stop for a picture! I love your blog name, I love coconuts haha! :) Zoë x

  14. thats an awesome dress, can I have the other one? Only kidding. But I won't say no, you know, if you send it my way! What a sweet guy you have, sounds like a keeper, eh?

  15. Oooh that late afternoon light is SPECTACULAR - as are YOU in that fab frock! I love the colours so much! And yay for your train driver admirer!

    Sarah xxx

  16. Ooooh you look so purdy.xxWhat a beautiful sun set behind you.Loved the train story.Gave me a chuckle.To bad you didnt get a photo of mr coco's those shoes.the heel is too cool.What a nice surprise from the

  17. My dear, I can assure you that you undoubtedly made that train dude's day--here he's tootling along looking at the boring scenery and suddenly there's this vision of youthful loveliness in a long flowing dress. I'm surprised he didn't fall right out of the window!!!