Monday, March 29, 2010

The injured puppy

Hello: Well I have not been having a good couple of weeks. My dear Boxer has injured himself, how I really don't know. One morning he woke up acting as if he had something in his eye. It was tearing and he was rubbing at it, thinking it was just some dust I figured he would tear it out and all would be fine. Although it persisted his eye was red and a little swollen. He went to the vet and we were told he had scratched it. We were given creme to put on his eye two times a day and told to come back within 3 days to see if it was working, if not we were gonna have to try a different kind of creme. Well the first one did not work, we got the second that did not work either. The next thing was surgery he went in on Friday and they sewed his third eyelid shut in hopes that the red blood cells would heal his eye. So for two weeks my little pumpkin has to walk around with a cone on his head and a stitched up eye. Well Yesterday which was Sunday he somehow hurt his leg.
Now Jersey and cones are not even close to being friends.. he must have got scared when he hit something with the cone and stepped funny on his little dog leg. SO NOW I have a dog with a sewed up eye, a cone and a limp. I really hope this little fur man does not do anymore damage to himself and that he heals up very soon so he can play and have fun again cause I am sure this is driving him and I both crazy.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Vintage pictures

Hello: I had a busy week last week thrifting, then on the weekend I decided to hit up a few garage sale ads I had seen in a online ad. The garage sales ended up not being too great at all I didn't find too much, although I did get a little vintage wind up travel alarm clock for 50 cents, So I can't really complain.
But during my thrift store scouring I came across these two pictures. I have no idea how old they are, or anything else about them for that matter. But I did find them rather great and they are in quite good condition. I have tried different search words on google just to find out anything on them but I have came up with NOTHING.

So if you know anything about older pictures and may have some ideas as to when they may be from, I would appreciate any information.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Oh my... It has been over a week since I made a blog.. reason being is I have had a very busy week of thrifting and stuff. On Friday I went and searched 4 thrift stores.. I found a cute pair of shoes for 2 dollars and a few other things. I was about on my way out to pay and leave when out of the corner of my eye I saw a clock, NO it can't be I thought... to my amazement they had a starburst clock hanging on the wall with a sticker that said $12.00 I about fell over. I was trying to show my Mom who was shopping with me without making a big scene.. I surely didn't want anyone else snagging it before I got the chance. Low and behold I was able to get it off the nail on the wall and it is now mine. AHHH PURE HAPPINESS!

On Saturday I was checking the Free classifieds when I seen a listing for a vintage dresser, I doubted it would be still be there since 38 people had visited the ad. I e-mailed the poster and asked "Do you still have the dresser?" She replied with a "Yes call me for my address" So woohoo! I now have a nifty new dresser which is in pretty good darn shape if I say so myself.
Now lets talk about today.. I again check the free classifieds I see a ad for vintage Movie cam & polaroid camera. I am now the owner of those too! The movie cam is a Kodak from 1955 it's in great condition and apparently is still working. The polaroid is in good condition and is HUGE! I have no clue how people were able to take so many pictures with those. My arms would have broke off from the weight. hahah
I have plans again for this weekend to scour the second hand stores once again. I wonder what I may come across this time?!