Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Aprons tablecloth & curtains

I was meaning to do this post many moons
ago. Although having a garage sale, planting flower's and trying to get
things organized kept me forgetting to do so.

Well I am here now, making time at 1:15 a.m. seemed like the right thing to do. *lol*
The top picture is some of my aprons I really seem to have a thing for them and I (DO) wear them when I remember too.
I do have a few others but these are my favorite for the time being.

A few weeks ago I also obtained this crochet one at a thrift store for $1.50 it was too cute to pass up in my opinion, although I also think it may be to nice to get dirty also.
Now these in the picture below are some pretty FuNkY curtains I found there is two panels and they slide onto a rod. I showed them to my Mom she just looked at them and laughed. Apparently her and I have zero in common when it comes to curtains. I am gonna hold onto these until I have the perfect windows to let them reside in.

I love the bright colors and the crazy design, these remind me alot of the top bed covers they have on Hotel and Motel beds.

Now for the table cloth I like it because it has green on it anything that has green always earns points with me. The tablecloth is a oval one I paid $4.00 for it and at this current time I do not even have a table for it. *hah* Don't worry I am sure in time I will and then everything having to do table wise will be excellent and amazing.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh I LOVE Regina brooms!

So I went to a thrift that was having a spring cleaning sale. You were allowed to (Fill a bag with stuff "other than collectibles & jewelery" for 5 dollars.) There was two Regina's in the electrical appliances area. The one I did not purchase was a white bag with royal blue flower design. It was real cute but did have some stains on the bag and I later found out there was a piece missing and it was broken. Now this one that I got WORKS AWSOME! I love it. It was tagged at $8.00 and even though it could not fit into a bag the lady charged me $4.00. It was a bit dirty when purchased but after some soap and water it looks close to new! Now hopefully I do not become obsessed with these because.. I really don't know where I would store a bunch of electric brooms. *hahaah*

I also found this cute pair of sunglasses for .99 cents of course I could not pass them up and I will probably wear them religiously until I find another pair in one of my next thrifting adventures.

In my next blog I will post some pictures of vintage material, linens, aprons & some curtains I have found in recent weeks.