Friday, January 27, 2012

Spritely Stripes Frock on Friday

Introducing the new Spritely Stripes doll

Spritely Stripes has pink hair and a cute yellow and white gingham bow.

She wears a pastel striped house dress with two front pockets which hold her magical candy eating friends.

Her socks are red with white stripes like a backwards candy cane's, she also loves to wear Mary Jane's.

Spritely's best talent is to dance and does so on voice command.

(Just say Dance Spritely and watch her go)

Spritely Stripes is limited edition and only 5000 dolls are available to the world.

She makes a wonderful gift for any occasion. And her pink (Meowy) and green (Sporky) friend are included along with her.
(Attention: Meowy & Sporky will die if not fed sugary candy once daily.)

Throw Spritely in the air for hours of fun. She is sooooo magical she even breathes butterflies!


Spritely also likes to take vacations along with her owner.

(Suitcase & hair flower not included, but can be purchased for $15.00 + shipping & handling)

So what are you waiting for?? BUY BUY BUY your Spritely Stripes doll now. In return you will receive decades of Sweet Magical Bliss and enjoyment.

Spritely Stripes is available for $569.00 (No batteries needed)

BUT WAIT!!!!! ACT NOW and we will send you Spritely for $369.00 that's $200.00 in savings. If you act now you will also receive vacation suitcase and hair flower FREE!!

Message from Vintage Coconut: "And now you have had a glimpse into my over active imagination."

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The BIG baby

I am feeling better now. (*cheer*) It took a little Vick's vapo inhaler, some vitamin C, lots of water & the purchase of a cool mist humidifier.

Picture 1: describes how I felt.
Now tell me why they must make a inhaler look like a tampon?? I would really like to know.
In the minutes after I purchased this I wanted to use it. (BUT I waited... because I was parked in front of a sand which shop which had people eating inside looking out of the windows.) I thought ... if I put this up to my nose I may scare them. Or Worse they may think I am inserting a tampon in my nostril.
I also realized there isn't and never will be a sexy way to use one of these.
If you REALLY need to use it.. pretend you are looking in the glove box and *sniff sniff* quickly.

Thrift Shop Buys
Baby Kewpie figurine $1

I woun't be afraid to admit I had fun making the top silly pic out of this photo.

Still in plastic vintage doll $1

Mug I purchased for myself $0.30 cents

Pink powder jar $4.50

This will be my third jewelry box like this.

I store them all in Hazel my vanity table. They are perfect for organization.


I was thrilled to find this lamp at Salvation army for $2.00

Sure beats the look-alikes they are making nowadays in vintage style that sell for over $100

Confetti earrings $0.50 cents

*AAAAAHHHHH* Metal recipe box complete with a SEXY Lobster *pinch*

These bottom two items I purchased a few weeks or more back and I am pretty sure I forgot to show them in the blog.

Never been used Simpsons Sears curtains.

$4.00 (I think)

I love the instructions and photo.

Blue dish $5.00

(I have a thing for the pokey stuff!)

So there you have it!

This year I have plans to have a table at the flea market every couple of weeks or so. I buy stuff for myself... but alot of other times I find vintage items that are priced so low it would be a sin not to buy them and re-sell them for some spare cash. I have done a bit of re-selling on classified sites. But I hate having strange people come to my house to purchase things. So obviously a flea market setting would be a little more ideal.

~So that is one of my plans for Spring~

I also plan on loading up my Etsy shop (Which has been dormant and empty for months now *lol*) In the near future.

I am ordering Galaxie my mannequin a new wig. Because I dislike the one she came with. (Yes I know that sounds very weird.. but once I get something in my head... there is no going back.)

I really need to start selling stuff... WHY? YOU ASK?

Because GARAGE SALE SEASON is right around the corner.

p.s. The reply button has not been working for me. But I see it's working for others... SO HOPEFULLY it is fixed now.

Friday, January 20, 2012

I failed ... so I will hide behind this coconut

*Eeep* So doing my Frock on Friday post didn't pan out. But I have good reason. (My nose hurts) *seriously* I am not joking.

I didn't feel too spectacular yesterday but by this afternoon my eyes are all watery and my nose is all dry and stuffy.

I was still going to take a stab at it. But then my Grandma needed help with her computer. And if you must know... Grandma comes first!!

I was going to buy a humidifier or vaporizer this afternoon but there was not enough time before the Mr. had to head to work. So that is on the agenda for tomorrow. (Any ideas on which one works better??) When I breath I feel like I am sniffing in pepper. *AHHHHH* I hate it.

These pics were taken in June 2011. I was too ashamed too show up here with nothing...

What do you think of this funky psychedelic frock paired with a lovely fold-able straw hat!

Not the best pics but heck I TRIED!!!

Happy weekend to you all.

Love: Coconut

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Going with the faux ... I mean FLOW

*Hoot* Holding a owl just seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

Black Faux Fur Coat $10 tag (50% off sale) I paid $5

I purchased this coat in the beginning of the week. My Hubs said: (Don't you have enough faux fur coats?) My quick reply was: (But I don't have a black one, I need a black one... it goes with everything.) So earlier Today when going to read Curtise's latest post I had myself a good laugh. Because she (Just like me... has been buying faux fur coats like they are going out of style.) It seems whatever week one of us purchases one... So has the other. And in her post today she wrote: "More more more faux fur. Yes, I know I already have 4 fur jackets/coats. But I didn't have a black one,and it's so lovely..."

I think shopping with her would be a blast. But when it came to the coat section we might have to rock, paper, scissor who gets which coat. Hopefully it wouldn't end up in a furry fist fight. *lol*

I can see us now on the cover of our own magazine

We will make millions and our mag will be the hottest most luxurious one that is out there!!

Something just isn't right!
Camera was on self timer and I was petting my coat.

Poodle pictures $3.50 each The Mr. wasn't too thrilled about this purchase. But I told him... When we have munchkins (In the future... "NO NELLY not right now" *lol*) if we have a girl they will go in her room. Until then they will work perfect in a girly space for myself.

You know your are obsessed with animal prints... when you dress your Kewpie's in loincloths. It beats them running around nude!

60's cosmetic bag $0.50

I think I will pair this Gaymode nightie with my Fuk Wing bedroom slippers!

(Sounds scandalous doesn't it?)

Nylon Dream! $1.00

Sassy vintage slip $1.00

Leather gloves $3

I am going to try and make it for FOF Tomorrow. I have been horrible the past couple weeks and always remember when its too late.

(Okay truth... Friday's are my biggest thrifting days)


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Outfits, a cooking first & a couple thrift purchases

Since the beginning of this year I have been wearing faux fur like a crazy woman. The above pic is my newest one which is my first (non vintage)

I ordered it on clearance from Forever 21 I paid $38.00.

When I bought this little white one for $1.00. I was not sure how much I would end up wearing it. But I am thrilled I did purchase it because I love it and wear it at least once a week.

I pretty much feel like a VIP when I wear this fuzzy one out and about.

Yesterday I wore this blue homemade house dress I purchased from an estate sale in the summer. You would expect I was going somewhere slightly important... BUT NAHHH! I wore it to go take a visit to Colonel Sanders. Yes I got dressed up to get lunch from Kentucky Fried Chicken. *LOL*

A couple days back we had a family lunch with my Parents, Brother & Grandparents. The place we went to was a Chinese / Malaysian / Thai food Restaurant. (Lets just say I SCREAMED when I seen this lobster on a table.)

One of the first things I made to eat this year was enchiladas.

I had never made them before. And I ADORE Mexican food. So I thought I would give it a try. I found a recipe online and gave it a go.

*Rolled and ready for sauce and cheese*

*The finished product*

*lol* @ my messy hair... But you can see the PROUD look on my face getting my picture with them... before they went in the oven.

Now for two thrift store purchases that excite me

*SiGh* "ooooooOoOOoOhhHh"

My amazing caramel drizzle milk glass party platter

(Apparently made by Hazel Atlas)

"DEAR HECK" I love this thing. I have it all planned out..

Plan A: Celery, Broccoli, Carrots & Green Peppers in the dishes around and dip in the middle.

Plan B: Pretzels, Peanuts, M&M'S, Cheese puffs and corn nuts in the middle.

What's this?? Fancy Contraption

It's some fabulous Lady Ellen curlers

aren't they groovy?

I was shocked they still had the little cardboard card the clips were fastened too way back when. I want to give these a try real soon.

The last thing I have to tell you is... One of my very first thrift finds in 2012 was a LOBSTER t shirt. (I was completely shocked and in total dismay) I will surely take a pic the first time I wear it. *It is flipping GREAT*

Bye for now

x___Vintage Coconut