Monday, December 31, 2012

My last post of 2012 Happy New Year!

 Well here we are at the end of 2012,  I wanted to do one more post and this is it.
I am showing you my last finds of this year. The picture above is a stack of old patterns I got 31 from the mid 60s - mid 70s.
One thing I hope to learn better in 2013 is to sew. I said the same thing last year but I didn't do much practicing. (Shame on me) I told my Grandma she needs to help me. But now she is second guessing her skills. *hahah* She used to make dresses for herself back in the 50s, 60s & 70s but hasn't done much since. She pretty much only does repairs and simple sewing nowadays.
 My first Elvis tee
 Lady in green dress barrel mug
 Deer vase / Planter
 Perfume bottle 1
Perfume bottle 2
Johnson brothers
Gravy boat, serving bowl & serving platter
$4 for the three pieces (Can you believe that?!)
 Small pyrex  (I think I have the other two bigger ones in this pattern. Of course they are packed.... so I woun't  know for awhile.) *lol*
 Dior shoes.... (These confuse me) I really don't think they are real Dior .... or maybe they are... I don't have the slightest clue. If they are they are from the 70s. Never been worn the bottoms are pristine. They seem a little fragile. Where the thrift store had put the sticker on the shoe (When I went to take it off some of the black material came off on the sticker. (DARN STORES)
 Little squirrel figurines I found yesterday
YES I named them!
 Slightly demented but sort of cute too. I think these cushion covers are quite old. The backgrounds are velvet. And whoever made them probably invested a few good hours into each.
 "Stop looking at me SWAN!"
 Vintage children's styling doll.
 Strawberry Shortcake doll
Yesterday my Hello kitty toys told me they wanted to go for a drive but only one could fit in the "kitty car" So they had to borrow my Husbands vehicle.
 But his Masterchief got upset and threatened kitty to get out of his seat.
Thank you to all my followers for following my blog. I enjoy your comments, messages and friendships!
For 2012 I only did 63 posts
2011 I did 87
I was determined I would beat my 87 from 2011 in 2012 (But I did not) I sort of slacked a good couple of months.
Okay so I am going to give it another shot. *Cross fingers*
I hope 2013 is a great year for everyone.
I am sure there will be lots more vintage finds.
A LOT more garage saling (You know once all this darn snow melts and we enter spring season) *hah*
Maybe 2013 will include more Hello Kitty too!
 I wrote this by candle light. Everyone was watching the Expendables 2, so I found myself a corner in the kitchen. It's actually sort of peaceful & relaxing,  I may have to do it again. The candles burning are Pine & Happy Holiday. Soon they will packed up and stored back with the Christmas items.
And I will have to bring out the "New Year scents" Whatever they may be.
Happy New Year to you all!
Vintage Coconut.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Orange Bridge

 Hello Everyone! My gosh I have been silent since before Christmas, so I will give you a brief update.
 p.s. This is the result of yet another 8 hours or so of snow flurries
(The only pic I have of Christmas Eve)
My Christmas Eve was the worst probably in my life. I got the flu early in the morning and spent the whole day in bed minus like an hour or so where I "tried to watch t.v. or spend time with family"
It was a weird flu! For some reason whenever I tried to watch t.v. I just felt worse and had to go back to bed.
(I will admit I even cried at a point thinking I might MISS CHRISTMAS!!!!)
But the Mr. went and got me some Buckley's cold and flu... and on Christmas morning I was feeling about 90% So thank God for that. Some other people told stories of feeling like crap for days so I guess I kind of lucked out.... a bit.... somehow.... okay well maybe it would have been better to not have got the flu at all.
THE ONLY plus side.... is I didn't intake any calories that day so I had lots to spare for Christmas and Chinese food.
 I did miss my traditional Chinese Christmas Eve buffet dinner. But we made up for it on December 26. So instead of wearing a red Christmas dress and get all dolled up. (I actually went in sweatpants a tshirt and a wool sweater.) *Ahhhh such is life*
Just goes to show you can't plan everything.
 This was what I wore out today shopping. The tank top is a cute 60s tent style found at a thrift for $1. These pics were taken in a local park. This spot is the little "Japanese" garden area.
 Mr. and I
Stopping here for pics was a last minute decision. But it was so gorgeous with all the fresh snow I am glad we did.
I promised you some finds (Plus I need to catch up) so here we go.
Some mine some going to be shop stock.
 Vintage pressed glass bowls and not just one but TWO
 Two little deer
 Vintage tap dancing shoes
(Will end up in Etsy at some point as they don't fit me)
 Velvet jewelry box
 The cutest little shoes ever
 Kitty letter holder
 Powder shaker (See the holes in the Kewpie's head?) This little shaker even has wings on it's back
Gingham Jar
My new pen holder. Complete with Crabs, prawns and starfish ... even a urchin.
Was a souvenir from the Queen Charlotte Islands at some point back.
Jersey and my build a bear boxer found at a thrift shop a couple months back.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Furry Flurries

(Thursday outfit)
 It has snowed all day today! I just got home from shopping and now it's time to relax and stay cozy. Here is my 3 outfits from the last three days. I have lots of finds to share with you so I will post some soon.
 (Friday outfit)
I have been feeling "REALLY FESTIVE" *lol* Obviously I am sure you can tell. When I wake up in the morning I pretty much want to dress like a Christmas Elf.

 I restrained myself today. And decided not to do a theme red and green. But I might go back to that Tomorrow. *laugh*
 This was the first time I was able to wear this late 60s maxi dress. It was a little too small before but now it fits like a little vintage dream.
*Snowy Path*

Here's the dresses tag. *hehehe* Isn't it cute? "I am a PUSSY CAT"
Speaking of Pussy cats...
On Thursday my Mom and I went and visited a family friend. She has a cute Cat named Kit Kat.
Kit Kat was a homeless kitty she took in,  and now lives a lavish life and is spoiled rotten.
She has long shiny silky black fur.... but the most cutest part of Kit Kat is her feet.

 The white fur on her toes is EXTRA long, she has little puffy fluff feet!
I hope you are all ready for Christmas. Because now it's just RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER.
We have a tradition in our family to go out for Chinese food on Christmas Eve. I cannot WAIT!!
*Laughs* I will take some pics at the Chinese buffet.
P.S. I plan to go dressed in Red and Green (I am just warning you)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Birthdays, snow, ketchup and Mustard

 December is a busy month in my Family!
My Dad's Birthday is on the 10th My Grandmas is on the 15th
The pic above and below was taken when we went out for dinner to celebrate Dad's big day.
Mr.Coco and I
 I am putting my faux furs to good use!
I went out shopping and put my Christmas tree brooch on my Leopard coat.
  "MAM please keep the fire exit clear"
While out I spotted a basset hound dog brooch in a thrift. I purchased him so he could stand next to my Christmas tree. (And pee on it.)
You can see him in the below pic.
 This is what happens when you have a DUH moment and put onions, Sauerkraut and jalapenos on your polish hot dog (BEFORE) you put on your ketchup and mustard!!!!
Thank Goodness I was only in the Costco food court!
I did get some weird looks... but I think that was more because of my hair, coat and blue eyeshadow...
Less about my bun
 We had a small snowfall.....

This morning I woke up to a Winter wonderland!!
 I have a thing for snow berries!!
He likes fresh snow, here he is showing his excitement!
 He hates being wet! To bad snow and wet go hand in hand *lol*
This is what I see when I look outside!! I suppose I could expect to have a white Christmas.
P.s. When you click on my pictures do they not show up alot bigger? I have had a couple comments asking for bigger pictures. When I try and make them bigger in my post it throws off my whole blog design and the pics and words run into my side bar stuff. I can make my sidebar smaller if I have too.
(Someone let me know please)
Thank you!!
How does it look outside in your neck of the woods?