Monday, January 31, 2011

Coats and scarves

~* Coat Number one*~

~*Coat number 2*~

My Mom took these and heck did this picture make me laugh. As soon as I saw it I thought of the Mad Hatter. Thank goodness I never went anywhere like this.

*lol* I think this is a mens jacket.. regardless I am loving the color of it.

~*The Scarves*~

They are a bit wrinkled.. but are all going to get a good washing and then put in with the other scarves that grace my red samsonite train case.
I do keep on collecting these because they are included in the stores sale.
I probably pay about 25 cents per scarf.

I like tying a scarf on my purse usually matching whatever I am wearing that day, or wear them as a headband. What do you all do with yours? Any intriguing ideas?

Lastly I will show you my most recent E-bay purchase. I bought this adorable acorn pendant. It has not got here yet but when it does I am sure I will wear it right away.

~*The cost of Shipping*~
I sell things every now and again on E-bay. What in the heck is going on with shipping costs?! I sold a pair of jeans and shipped them out this afternoon standard ground costed me $18.00 to ship within my own country! It is now cheaper for me to ship items to people in the United States, for me to send a pair of jeans down there only costs me about $13.00 I have noticed alot of shipping quotes on items I am interested in are quite high, which usually puts me off from purchasing them. Sometimes it just does not seem worth it when you pay double the shipping of what your item actually costs.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

~* The gold lace dress *~

On Wednesday I went out for another day of second hand shopping. I didn't find much at the usual places I go maybe cause I had just been there 4 days earlier. Either way I decided to go visit one I hadn't been to in a couple months. By the time I got there I realized they closed in 20 min so I would not have much time. As I scanned the dresses one caught my eye. It was gold & lace and really quite sweet.
It was not vintage but it kind of did have a resemblance to those 50's & 60's party dresses. Remembering the store did not take debit.. cash only I realized I would have to leave it behind and I did. Only to go back there today hoping it was still there so I could get it. Walking in the store I headed straight for the dresses and caught a glimpse of the bottom of the dress peeking out from all the others. *I was HAPPY* So here is is the $8.00 gold lace dress.

Now to be honest at this time it is a little small on me.. but I have plans.. oh do I have plans to start working out. lol "Don't most of us?" I really want to wear this to the next wedding I attend. Other than that I don't have many occasions to wear a fancy dress.
But I could just get my man to take me out for dinner and ask him nicely to get dressed fancy with me. (Don't laugh I might do it.)
Now at this little store they have all the purses hanging off racks. But what I found out once and forgot about was they keep all the lovely little dainty purses in a drawer. They do not hang with the others. And one time years back I found the drawer only to forget about it. But today I stumbled across it again. When opening the draw I came across these beauties.
Disco Diva

Bumpy Blue

Shimmery Sequin

Black Beauty

I had to leave some I liked behind, after all I cannot be a purse hoarder.. not all in one day anyways. Hopefully there will still be some of them there the next time I go. But I did not have the cash to purchase all the vintage purses in the store. And even if I did .. I have no clue where I would put them all.
Another thing I like is hats and here is one I came across today also.

I told my Mother I want this to be my garage saling hat! *lol* I go to garage sales quite often on the weekend in the spring and summer months. And this hat just looks like a weeling and dealing hat to me. *hahaha*
Now to accesories.. look at these vintage sunnies I came across for the amazing price of 50 cents

Now for the last pic of this post. I paid 30 cents for this black and translucent fauceted bead necklace. It is nice and heavy, and I know I will get alot of use out of it. These style of beads always catch my eye I love the way the shimmer and shine in the light.

Talk to you soon...

Vintage Coconut

Monday, January 24, 2011

Thrifting while it rains

Well today was grey, rainy and rather gloomy. So I asked my dear Mother if she would like to go check out a few thrift stores with me. We went to 3 I didn't come up with a whole lot, but the things I found I just love!! So here is my findings.

Two pairs of earrings.. I just liked the colors and styles of them.

This pewter pendant caught my eye. It was .99 cents and I cannot wait to put it on a chain and wear it all around town. *haha*

Little bee pin

Set of 6 knives marked Burns stainless with bakelite handles.

Rabbit with bow tie bottle opener. I would really like to know how old this guy is.. He has no markings whatsoever and is slightly rusty. He reminds me of something but I cannot put my finger on it. For some reason I keep thinking I saw a rabbit that looked like this on some German chocolates.. but heck I came up with nothing when I did a search on google.

As soon as I seen this amongst all the other swim suits I grabbed it. It was sitting there sticking out like a sore thumb. Thank God or I might have missed it. It will be swimming season soon and I wanna wear this with a floppy straw hat! Note to self: Start working out & stop eating fast food.. even if it is a chicken burger. The price was $5.00 and when I went to pay the lady at the till said "All bathing suits are 5.00 are you sure you want it??" YEESSSS I do I replied. The store I got it from has recently raised the pricing on all clothing I would not have paid 5 for any other suits there.. but I could not leave this one.

Lastly for the shopping part.. you are not going to believe.. *cues dramatic music*

Another ELNA!! Now I still do not know if she runs.. and if she does I don't know if she does it well. But she was $5.00 and HECK I cannot pass up a green sewing machine. The first one I got was the Supermatic.. this one is the transforma.

I still do not know the whole difference between the two but I have read a little about it. Now this new one I got did not come with much. It had the knee bar and the cord to plug it in. No accessories or anything just bare bones. In the next few days I will plug her in and see what does or does not happen. If she runs.. you can bet your butt I will buy another if I come across it. Especially if it comes with accessories. My man found her for me.. he should have known not to show me.. so I blame it on him. I bet he's thinking I better become a darn good sewer with all these machines!

And Last but not least. My Mom has a friend who knows I love vintage. She has given me some lovely pyrex bowls and I found out she liked Scottie dogs so a few weeks back I came across a cute vintage scottie pin with a rhinestone eye and purchased it for her as a thank you for the bowls. Well I guess she wanted to return the favor because she told my Mom she had something else for me. I was just given it a few days back.

I just adore the sweet little purse. She told my Mom it was either her Great Grandmas or her Great Great Grandmas. I really don't know why she didn't want it. Maybe because she only had Sons and no Daughters. Regardless I love it and I will cherish it forever or until I have a daughter I can pass it down too.

After shopping the rain stopped and I had spaghetti for dinner. Spaghetti is one of my favorites. Once I finish typing the last words to this post, I am going to finish watching the Stepford wives 1975 version.

Have you got anything that you adore recently? I would love to hear about it.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Who the heck is Vintage Coconut?

Hello everyone if you are wondering who Vintage Coconut is, it's me previously Lime Vintage. I have changed my Blog name along with its look also.

My main reason is: When I joined here I had not a clue what to name my blog or if I would even be around here for any amount of time. So I quickly came up with lime vintage because of my love for lime green and well LIMES. lol

But in a few weeks I will have been here for a year and I like to blog but many times have stopped for quite long lengths of time. I vowed to do better this year and I plan to keep my word. So I decided to help me get motivated I wanted to freshen things up a little and give it a little more thought.

Why Vintage Coconut?? Well I like coconuts.... (oh man we can all see where this is going.. first limes now coconuts) But no NO no I promise its not like that. I acquired a Coconut monkey which I like quite a bit. I plan to add more to this one man collection but have not come across them yet. I also love hula girls and Hawaiian stuff. When I think of coconuts it also makes me think of all those other lovely things. Sitting at my desk I just got last week that I bought from the salvation army for $15.00 (Which will get repainted in the spring) I thought now what am I going to put on my desk and decorate it with?? The first thing I went and got was the coconut monkey. Followed by a pineapple shaped candle and a little Hawaiian hula girl. Those are the things I look at when I sit down at my desk. I could have picked anything.. but I chose them. Which is a fitting reason to choose vintage coconut. And now I feel a bit better about this little blog. Because I did not choose the name rushed while signing up. I have chosen something that has some sort of meaning to me. Because I plan to stay here and plan to continue blogging. The people I have met on here are all delightful and alot have the same interests than me which is sometimes hard to find other places. Heck alot of people I know think vintage is silly or OUTDATED!!

So that is why I like to talk to all of you. *Smile*

I will post a regular post again soon. We are getting close to the weekend so everyone have a GREAT one!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Mannequin has arrived

Mannequin update: She arrived yesterday morning at 8:00 a.m. I was a bit worried when I saw her box. Somehow it had a big gash in the side which was taped over.
I got asked today "Doesn't it bother you to have mannequins in your house?" My answer was "No it keeps the weirdos away, right now shes looking out my living room window."
The paper boy looked a little freaked out though. hahaha

When I bought this dress in the picture below I freakin loved it. I thought it would be the coolest beachwear paired with some big sunglasses, straw tote & some cute sandals. Trouble is when I got home I realized I wouldn't be getting my whole body into it. It just happens to fit her perfectly.
The only thing about this mannequin is that she towers over me.. my head is just around her shoulders.. I have to stand on my tippy toes to put hats on her. *lol*
Shes 6 ft tall, I am 5'4.
So all in all she will be a great help with helping me with my ebay clothes auctions, she can fit into things I cannot and surely anything meant for tall people.

Have a great weekend!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mannequin girl is in Canada + finds

Update on my mannequin girl. To tell this story in a fast way, the mannequin I was watching had a buyitnow and I was just waiting to get paid so I could purchase her. Her bidding price was $10.00 lower, of course she all of a sudden got a bid before I could make the purchase. Then I realized I would have a fight on my hands. *hahah* I just HATE having bidding wars against people so I had sort of gave up hope. Until I had a thought.. Check the sellers store again. AMAZINGLY ENOUGH he had listed the same mannequin girl 3 hrs earlier again with a buyitnow. I had to act fast!! There was no time to waste.. I bought that chick faster than you can say HOT SALSA! Good thing too.. cause I suppose the seller now realized his fiberglass people were priced pretty darn well because now he charges 10 more dollars than he had previously. I checked the tracking today and she made it through customs and was in Ontario. So I assume she should be here within 2-3 days. *Whhoohoo*

Other than that here is a few items I found whilst thrifting.

Cute leopard beret hat $0.99

Makeup bag with mirror $1.99

This amazing blue coat with purple buttons and purple silk lining in the inside. It is too big for me sadly. The store I was in was having a sale and so darn busy. I just wanted to pay for my stuff and get out of there. It is 100% pure wool. Since it does not fit me properly, I think it would be excellent for a flasher. lol

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mannequin Fascination

Well I am just a TAD excited today and I thought I would share why!
My other half and I got all our Christmas shopping done in the beginning of Dec. By the time we had bought for everyone else.. our monthly budget was (Well lets just say a little *BLAH*) So we decided we would purchase our own gifts for each other in Jan.

Now I really racked my brain on what I want.. or need for that matter. And I could not come up with much. My biggest want that I had in 2010 was a female mannequin.
LOL (Okay so I am sure that sounds a tad odd..) But I do sell on E-bay from time to time and I thought it would be nice to have a lady model the clothes I could not fit my derriere into. I want to start selling more and I have items I should really put up. Trouble is I don't want them hanging on a hanger.. They just will not look as good as they should. So I told my guy "I think I want a Mannequin for Christmas"
I don't think he thought I was serious until I blabbed on and on. So if all goes well. I should be able to finally get something I have been wanting but having alot of trouble finding locally & for a decent price.

Now something you may not know about me. I really DO like mannequins. I only have half of one.. but hes very dashing and handsome. *snicker* I found him at a indoor flea market about 9 years ago. Everyone thought I was joking when I started carrying him around the store. "What are you doing with that?" They said "Well I am BUYING HIM" I replied.. I don't think they quite believed me until I was at the register.

His name is Draik and I do believe he will also be happy when I get my Christmas gift.. cause it may mean he will not be so lonely and just may end up with a hunny.

Anyways before you all think I am nuts I will shut up. *lol* When Misses mysterious shows up at my house I will be sure to introduce you all to her.