Monday, May 30, 2011

I Love Lamp! Well lamps.. Bowls too if you really wanna know.

Hello there everyone!

Here is my finds from the past couple weeks, Things have started to add up so I better hurry and get them posted. Two weeks ago I got this funky lamp at a yard sale the seller had a sticker with $8.00 posted on it I asked if she would take $6.00 she said yes and the lamp became mine. It just makes me happy to look at. (Turned on or not it doesn't matter) *lol*

I found this Gem in a local thrift store for $6.99. I told myself I better think about it before I purchase. (I do that sometimes.. half the time I don't return to buy the item the other half I do) Sometimes it just helps weed out purchases.. but other times I end up regretting it because when I go back it's gone. I got up bright and early to go get the lamp I could not even sleep properly. *hahah*

I am still looking for the perfect shade to this Halloween colored lamp of amazingness!

These Pyrex bowls were found at an estate sale and had a price tag of $7.00 which I happily paid. They are in quite good condition and will brighten up any kitchen. They sort of had a bit of a dusty like film on them but once washed once it has gotten better.

My Guys Birthday was on the 21 we went to a Restaurant for all you can eat ribs. *mmm* *mmm* I wore this lovely little vintage dress to celebrate. I love the ric rac design on it along with the flowers. It's a tiny bit big, but heck that didn't stop me.

*lol* @ my face "There was windows all around the restaurant, I just wanted the pic of me next to the barrel to hurry and be taken." I am sure you can tell!

New vintage cruiser found at local thrift for $14.99 (I couldn't just let it sit there you guys!!) This is a green All Pro Elite (Apparently came from Kmart back in the day) I bought it because it was green!!! My first green bike. WOOHOO! I took it on the first ride tonight and that is when I took this photo. P.s. my thermos matches!

Oooh Ohhh look at the kickstand! I named the bike (Grasshopper Elite)

It sort of looks like a grasshopper with those legs!

I have more to show and will do so next post.

See you soon!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How do you Muu?

Muu?? WHAT!!??

How do you Muumuu? This is how I Muu!

For mere cents I purchased these lovely squares of fabricness *haha*

and had a happy time of taking these odd pictures of how I muu.

"This ruffles my feathers"

"Oh dear I seem to have shrunk"

Stuff from Hawaii = HAPPINESS!

"This is my new bicycle basket I am running with"

"Ta da see"

Another Hawaiian Muumuu

"Odd dancing ensues"

"Hold me Jack"

And that was the end of my fun Muuuu-ing, for now anyways.

In other news I have purchased yet another vintage cruiser bicycle. And it's GREEN this time *woop woop* favorite color cheer! I will have to show you all it.... Hopefully on the weekend she will have new tires purchased for her because the current ones are well... rotted, crusty and hard!

Until next time

x____Vintage Coconut

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The little kid side of me was OVERJOYED today!

My 1985 Grimace toy and I

Today had been a very lazy un-exciting day... I woke up early to tutor my Grandmother on using the Internet. After that was done I came home had lunch and looked over the new garage sale advertisements for this weekend.

Then I decided I would like to go and check out what our local liquidation store had got in and pick up another jar of barrel cured pickles *mMmmm*

Figuring nothing fantastic would happen I left the house in giant sweatpants! *lol* So we head to the store only to get there 2 minutes before closing *BOOH*

So I ask my guy if he would like to go get a ice cream cone at McDonalds.

Well THANK GOODNESS the liquidation store was closed or what happened next would have never happened. We were sitting in the drive thru lineup when out walks through the door Birdie!! I seriously *GASPED* rather loud. My guy said "What?" I pointed to Birdie outside the front of McDonalds.

Seconds later... I see a big furry purple thing coming out the door! IT MUST BE MY FAVORITE McDonald's character... IT WAS! It was Grimace!!

This time I seriously *Squealed* "Thank God my man knows I am weird.." Cause had I been on a first date or something I am sure that would have been the end of it! *hahah* After Grimace Hamburglar walked out!!!

*OH MYYYY* How exciting. The line was sort of long but I didn't care!! I was watching Birdie, Grimace & Hamburglar. We got up to the speaker ordered our ice creams and I told my guy... "We have to turn around!!! We need to go back to the parking lot!! I WANT A PICTURE with Grimace! So he pulls the vehicle around we get back in front of the building to which he says: "You know it's just kids getting their pictures taken right??" I replied: "I don't care!!!!" I LOVE THEM!! *bwhahahah*

So as we are walking towards them I said "I know I am not a little kid but can I please get my picture taken with you?" The workers helping the characters said "Yes of course!" So I was happier than a kid in a candy shop! I skipped up and PROUDLY got my picture taken with them! Grimace is what really mattered but the fact I got all 3 was even better!
Just the fact that I blogged about this within hours of it happening just goes to show how truly excited I really was... and am. I hope my future kids don't mind when I rent a bouncy castle for their Birthdays and I AM the one jumping around inside screaming and yelling and having a blast. I hope they realize I might just get more use out of their toys then they do. Heck probably half of the time I will secretly purchase it for myself and just let them play with it. *Shhh don't tell!*

I don't like alot of seriousness... I like FUN! How often do you let your inner child out?? I know some of you do more than others *lol*

x__Vintage Coconut

Monday, May 9, 2011

My Saturday sale finds!! A better weekend than the previous! *Ya*

I am going to make this post fast and to the point. Because I have a movie on Netflix to finish and this will be my 4th attempt at making it to the end of it. I keep falling asleep...... *ZzZzzZzZ*

These are my garage sale finds. I hope to have more weekends like this past one, I finally found items I was hoping to come across at yard sales!

*Funky Apron/Smock $1*

*small rosebud plate 50 cents*

*Green apple bandanna 50 cents*

*Olive and Cheese tea towel Italian linen $1 each*

*Flowered vinyl chest $1 (Going to store my sewing material)*
I had to put some elbow grease into this purchase. Thinking it was just dusty I figured I would just have to dry wipe it off. Once I got it home... I realized it needed a GOOD cleaning (After seeing a rather way lighter spot up on the top). I used my Olay body soap *lol* and a scrub brush and some water... After all this work.. that soap better have moisturized this sucker!
The seller told me it came with her Mother's vacuum cleaner it was the storage box for it. Later changed into a chest to keep all her piano stuff.

(Sorry Nelly I didn't get her Mother's name *wink*)

*Gorgeous Elgin American Compact $3*

*Brass Made in India shamrock designed dish $1*


*3 vintage Solair chairs $2 each for a total of $6.00*

I spotted these chairs whilst sitting in the vehicle which was still moving, I told my guy... "HURRY PARK!!! THEY HAVE the chairs I want.. there is two of them..... NO THREE OF THEM!!! gooooo before someone else comes!!!!"

The sellers at the sale I purchased them from said: "We thought those would be the last thing to sell... actually we didn't even know if they would sell"

But guess what it gets better... I previously only had one little lonely yellow solaire chair.. finding these 3 has now made a set of 4!

In closing I have yet to tell you the name I came up with for my Lilac beach cruiser. I named her....

Monday, May 2, 2011

Garage saling can HURT you!!

Hello all! This weekend I garage saled both Sat & Sun and let me just say it was a busy weekend. My Sat was spent traveling from sale to sale all around three areas of my town. On Sunday there was a big community garage sale going on and I am sure we saw about 35 or so sales. I really didn't buy much, I don't know if I had a vintage lover just steps ahead of me or what but I was somewhat disappointed. I had imagined in my head since I would get to go to so many sales I would have a pile of vintage treasures!! *Wishful thinking*

Here Are my favorite finds of this weekend:

~*Lovely tea set*~

The set was $3.00 and is in perfect condition I don't even know if it has ever been used. I am no expert and have no clue if it's Chinese or Japanese if anybody knows please do share! I would love to know a bit more about it, especially what it says.

~*Pretty black velvet embroidered shoes*~

I have tried finding info on these lovelies (Using their description in the google search engine it kept bringing me to shoes from the 30s and 40s) I don't know much about vintage shoes (heck maybe these are not even vintage) But I do know one thing they are super cute and do not look to have been worn. Maybe tried on a few times (Once by me in the driveway of the garage sale)

~*Funky fiberglass desk lamp*~

When driving up to this sale I seen the lamp on a table. I decided not to buy a rather rusty red metal one a few weeks back and then was wondering if I had made the wrong choice. Now I know I didn't because when I asked the older Gentlemen with the white Shih tzu with a cute under bite the price. He said "A dollar?" To which I said "SURE" to which he said "This lamp is older than you" to which I said "That's the way I like them" (THANKFULLY he did not take that the wrong way) *lol* I don't want to be known as the weird garage sale chic who hits on all the senior men. *lol*

~*Swift fox / Howling Wolf*~

These are wooden toys I found for my future baby coconuts. Whenever I find something I think I will like for decorating the future coconuts room or just for them to play with I have started to purchase it. "Because who knows IF I will ever come across it again" No coconuts are on the way yet. But most likely in a year or two. By then who knows what I will have *lol* Maybe bins full of toys!! *haha*

So just when I had only a few more sales to go to... my ankle decides to do a (go to the side sort of thing) And the next thing I know I am down on the pavement amongst rocks, asphalt and dirt. Not only did I fall... It happened in front a group of people. *Sigh* After my man helped me up and I rolled up my pant leg to the knee I fell on.. (The opposite one to the STUPID ANKLE) I announced "I don't think we can get to those last sales"

My knee hurt, was stinging and bleeding a bit.. plus I was embarrassed too. We got to our vehicle (Lucky it was close as we had went to get it and moved it closer to the area we would be shopping from.) I ended up going home (Without our planned lunch) There was many hot dog and Smokey vendors all around the area selling pop, cotton candy and other yummy things. My man BBQ'ed me some hot dogs while I iced my knee and to cheer me up he bought me hot wing chips. LOL (I suppose I am a easy girl to please) SO EVERYONE make sure you are careful while garage saling. Tell your ankles "Don't fail me now!!" Heck I might have to do that next weekend.