Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The interrupted Photo SHOOT!!

 One would think photo shoots were all just fun and games... but that's not always the case...
I will tell you all why after I show you a couple of recent finds.
 Trinket shelf (Needs a cleaning and to be hung)
I really needed one of these. I have picked up quite a few little things in the past couple of years. Now they will have a place.
 Okay I know everyone is not a fan of dolls... but recently I have found a fondness for certain ones.
Like this girl I found at Salvation Army for $2. She is so SUPER cute and I named her "Ming Ling"
 Could you resist not buying a Gremlin? Obviously I could not.
 I found this at Homesense and was crazy thrilled. I named her "ALMA" she will help me on Etsy.
 This is a 60s head scarf... I am sure you will see it on my head in the near future.
 See the shoes? I got 3 pairs with Christmas gift certificates from Forever 21
Those black ones with the fringe and gold strip are my favorite of the 3.
 Then I got these leopard Mary Janes (They feel a little snug) I am sure they need to be broke in but I already know these will KILL my feet.
The third pair are in the below pictures they are blue velvet booties.
 Okay story time... 
So here I am above enjoying my photo shoot I was liking how my pics were turning out for the most part. 
I kept walking back and forth setting the self timer.
 "Yes Coco they are still there"
When out of the corner of my eye... I SEE A DELIVERY VAN PULL UP IN MY DRIVEWAY.
I was the only one home and HAD to answer the door. I had been prancing around like the Kentucky Derby was taking place in my living room (with) my mannequin staring out of the front window. It wasn't the middle aged delivery man. It was the young one with the tattoos and bad boy look... "OH MY GOD" I am thinking in my head "Did he see me" I am leaning down trying to get below the window sill" *trying to wiggle out of the velvet dress without getting too anxious* I am unzipping the high boots I am not yet used too.... so I don't fall down the stairs while answering the door (HE'S KNOCKING) *I am trying to pull up my bra straps and tank top that I was wearing hidden under the dress.* "They are twisted intertwined and weird" (TOTAL PANIC MODE) I can't leave the guy waiting I am sure he seen I was home. I start heading for the door. (In leggings and a cami none the less) When I realize I am still wearing the hat!!!!! I give one big hit to my forehead area whilst knocking it to the ground. I answered the door probably looking like I had been working out ... or doing a strip tease as one of my bra straps was down in my arm pit not over my shoulder where it should be. He had two boxes in his arms "So I go to grab them both" Apparently only the bottom was for me... pssshht How was I supposed to know... I could have fought him for it if I had any energy left... but I was worn out after trying to appear normal and get out of my photo shoot clothes in stealth mode. (Even though it didn't work) and I am pretty sure the delivery guy thinks I am a crazy person.
 My Mr. asked why I didn't just answer the door in the hat, dress and shoes? ... 
I really don't know why?? It would have been much easier!
I think it's because I had moved my mannequin out of my way and she was right in the front window... things already looked weird... I didn't want to make it weirder. *lol*

Speaking of weirder... If you read my last post about "The Rubber" from my local SVDP 
You would already know I was already thinking that the place / certain staff were a little odd.
Well guess what? The very next time I visited (Friday) I was doing my normal thrift scouring... When I seen this box it caught my eye cause I knew it was old BUT then I read the side of the box and could not believe my eyes.
 What in the HELL??
I opened the box and inside was this disturbing piece of history...
Are you kidding me? WHO would put this on the shelf?  Who would want to buy this? (Sorry if that person is you!) The thing was cracking crumbling... and what looked like melted in certain areas.... I highly doubt this crazy contraption would be seeing any HOOHAWS ever again... But is you wanted to know it was a bargain price of $4 I am still creeped out by this. EVEN looking at the photo again disturbs me. 

 The past couple days I have been cleaning and trying to get rid of some un-used stuff. I stumbled across a box of some old photos and mementos of mine and in the box was this picture of me at 18 or 19 wearing a dress that was given to my Mom as a joke on one of her Birthdays. Of course I liked it and decided to do a photo shoot (Yes even back then I was doing photo shoots.) The only difference is there was alot less of them because we used regular film cameras and I could only take a couple pics each time or it would be a waste of film and expensive to develop *lol* No that was not my usual makeup I was just being silly... BUT I did wear that dark lipstick from time to time.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lunch inspired by Helga and Vix

 Today I went out for an Indian buffet lunch. Partly because of all the delicious food pictures Helga is always posting and the other reason was knowing Vix is basking in the sun on the beaches of India.

 I swiped on some bright eyeshadow!
 The food was DELICIOUS.
 (Picture speaks for itself)
 What another loo? Yes.... and Coco's Mom is in that middle stall.
 Someone refill the toilet paper in there!

and I know it!

This fun house mirror was in the Sears shoe department. I almost missed it but whilst walking by I noticed my butt looked HUGE... and was thinking "Heck did my lunch catch up to me that fast??" That's when I realized it was a wonky mirror.
"Thank goodness"
*Sigh of relief*

And to end the fun I dressed up in a blue feather wrap and vintage style hat.

Weird story:
Yesterday while I was out thrifting I had found a new faux fur vest. It's just a Walmart brand not vintage nothing extravagant but it's really cute. So since it was freezing I just put it on over top of the sweater I was wearing. At the next thrift store I am looking around when one of the workers (A lady in her mid 60s or so) starts rubbing my vest. "Ohhhhh it's so nice" (She continues rubbing) "I just love it." *she says*  I was sort of .... weirded out and kinda just laughing her craziness off. She then says "I bet when you wear this guys come up and want to feel your vest" (WELL LADY I don't know I HAVE ONLY HAD the thing on for 15 minutes) *That's what I wanted to say...*but instead I just continued laughing off her odd banter* (Lady is still rubbing my back/vest) I reach for this vintage hat and out of no where a helmet flies off the top shelf almost hitting me.... and "the rubber" then says "OHHH YOUR GETTING EXCITED"

Where do these people come from? I can understand maybe a quick swoop swoop up and down to feel a strangers coat (Not really cause I would never do such a thing) But a prolonged vivacious vest molestation is totally nuts! Had my vest been a cat it would have felt violated! 
(This happened at a St. Vincent De Paul) *lol*
I had been out shopping with my parent's while Mr. Coco was at work,  and when I got in the car after we left "the rubbers"store I started telling the story and said "And the lady kept rubbing me" My Dad blurted out "MAYBE YOU SHOULDN'T GO THERE ANYMORE" *hahahaha* 

A couple weeks ago I experienced my first rubber... but she just did a quick brush up and down on my lower arm cuff. 
(At the time I thought it was strange) But now I consider her harmless after yesterdays encounter.

I suppose if I continue to wear faux fur... this will be my future.

Have any of you had this happen?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Vintage Coconut 2. 013

Calm down... your on the right page. I just decided I needed a new look for the New Year.
So the crustaceans have been sent packing ( Now that doesn't mean I don't love them still, because I do)
Although I do think they may have scared off some potential blog readers. "I have a suspicion that people may have thought I had a unhealthy fetish for sea life." To that I say: You only live once!
So welcome to my new blog look for 2013.
I may still have a few minor kinks to work out. But I am rather chuffed with it.
(Although please give me feedback on the font colors, are they okay on the eyes?)
I can lighten them a bit if it's a little much.
 I don't want to be the reason someone strains an eyeball you know!!!

I wrote a little list of things I would like to do in 2013 after reading Vanessa's cute list.
Here they are

Things to do in 2013
1. Swim in the lake (I used to do this yearly, last year I didn't go once! *Boo*)
2. Cook More (I like to cook but don't do it near often enough.)
3. Save some money from my selling ("spend spend spend, none of my pants have pockets cause the money always burns through them")
4. Be more organized (I have nothing to say about this.)
5. Fly a kite (Everyone keeps telling me to go do this *wink*)
6. Fill a coloring book (coloring is relaxing.)
7. Go out of town thrifting (This is something I usually get to do every year and it's one of my favorite things to do.)
8. Make a dress (Hopefully more but I don't want to put too much pressure on myself, although I do have 5 sewing machines... that should be enough pressure.)
9. Make a rag doll (A cute demented one.)
10. Finish sock monkeys from last year (Almost there... just one armless girl, who can't hug her boyfriend back.)
11. Worry Less (I think I come from a family of alot of worriers. I most certainly do not want to carry on tradition.)
12. Think more positive ("The sun'll come out tomorrow So you gotta hang on 'til tomorrow Come what may")
13. Read more books ( "I love books but found my reading to be at a all time low in 2012")

So on with the show!

I am really looking forward to the Weekend as it seems I have not been thrifting in days. 
I actually sat and though about what the Salvation Army might have in today. 
Now that's when you know your obsessed.