Monday, February 25, 2013

Wishes for Fishes

 Frocking with fishes is better than washing dishes
You all know of my Crustacean obsession .... Well lately it seems that the ocean life is over taking my mind.  Because in the past few months I have been crushing on fishes too. Of course it makes sense, they both go hand in hand right? I mean they have just got to be friends.
FISH & Crustaceans!

[Side note: Yesterday I read in a magazine that it is good to only have 1 or 2 collections or else things could get tacky]
I have so many collections I can't even count them right now.
Crustaceans, Hello Kitty, Boxer dog figurines, vintage dishware, Melmac, Bedding, Coats and that's all I can think of right this minute....
So I suppose I am tacky.
"Shhh let's just keep this on the down low... I mean look at these pictures"

Lately I have been cleaning like no other. And really haven't took much "Happy time"
for me. I have been wanting to dress up and do this post for the past week or so and kept putting it off. Even today I almost didn't jump into this FISH MUUMUU I found. But the sun came out and I thought HECK let's do this. I did my makeup, I did my hair, I jumped into this crazy fun muumuu and then I felt it... The little bit of SPARKLE fun I have been missing. The Muumuu was a $1 purchase from Salvation army. I was THRILLED when I came across it.
(See the Orange chair? Found last week for $10 "It even came with a green velvet indoor cover which I will show you in the future" I had to have it because I have a thing for these chairs and this will be my 5th. First orange one though!!!)

 I found these garage saling in May 2011 for $2 each I was STOAKED!
Later I came across one lonely yellow one in a thrift.
So far I have 2 yellows 1 orange 1 green and 1 brown.
I need to find 2 more. *lol*

This is my imaginary train station. Me and fish are waiting for our train....
I carry him in a pink basket cause he's magic and lives out of water.

It was sunny out but still a little chilly. My toes got cold waiting at the station.

"What's that fish? Your happy we are going on vacation?"

Me tooooo! Even if it's only for 15 minutes and in my head.

Everything worn was either thrifted, handmade or purchased second hand online.
Muumuu: Salvation army
Hair flowers: Made by me
Nemo Disney plush: Salvation army
Pink plastic bag: Garage saled
Shoes: Thrifted
Earrings: Thrifted
Koi fish pendant: Etsy
Bangles: Thrifted
Chair: Thrifted
Purple rose Sassy Vamps headband contest win from  The Amazing Des circus hottie

 My newest pendant! A rainbow koi fish.

 I found these plates for 50 cents each. I have another 2 of each kind not pictured.
I ate french fries off of them the other day. Best "fish" and chips I have had in awhile.

"Flowers in her hair, Flowers everywhere"

What's your thoughts on Fishes?
And do you have lots of collections too.
"PLEASE SAY YES" I don't wanna be the only tacky person.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Vintage Coconuts 3 year Blogiversary!

 Happy Valentine's day! I have read I don't know how many Valentine's posts and now here I am writing my own. See that bunny above? That was my very first Valentine's card. I got it when I was 5 months old. It was from my Great Grandma & Great Grandpa on my Mom's side who are no longer with us.
(Click on photo to see larger version)
The card has been kept safely tucked away in my baby book.
 where I found this little gem of my first Birthday. I am actually loving my patchwork style highchair and Minnie Mouse shirt.
 "Give me CAKE!" (There was no calorie counting going on here.)
Okay back to the card

 Here is the inside. Which says just in case it's not clear.

"Hi there! My name's 'HAPPY' And it suits me to a 'T'
Because the chance to be YOUR Valentine Makes me 'happy' as can be!
And if you'll give my paw a shake, At least a time or two.
I'll wiggle my big funny ear and roll my eyes for you."

To Melanie
FROM HAPPY AND Grandma & Grandpa

The best part is shaking Happy's hand. He is either rolling his eyes or having a seizure..?! I can't really tell.
 Vintage Coconut is 3 years old today. What possessed me to write my first ever post on Valentine's day I will never know. I suppose Mr. Coco was busy playing Xbox. *lol*

"Message to Mr. Coco" I love you very much. More than all the crab legs in the ocean on the beaches and in the supermarket's. 
Even though you came back from the Dentist this afternoon after getting fillings and your mouth was frozen and you looked and talked silly. Pretty much reminded me of Napoleon Dynamite.... I still loved you not a crab leg less.
 This was the first picture I ever posted to this blog.
(Me and my best buddy Jersey)

I appreciated all your comments on my last post. You know.... The toilet cleaning one!
I enjoyed your stories & feedback
and the GROSS "Looking at you Gem" *hehe*
All of you are the reason I even made it to year 3 and I just wanted to let you guys know.....

Thanks for following my blog.
And following my endeavours.

Vintage Coconut

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

When I grow up I want to clean toilets!

*Hahaha* No that's not what I said when I was a child. When I was little my dream was to become a Ventriloquist.
 * Yes... I was a strange child*
 Photo taken from here
[Note: After searching for a Ventriloquist picture,  I again thought I really need one of those dummies in my life. What the heck?? It's like some weird magnetic urge to me. I find it strange, I am enticed by these weird dolls. Which worries me?! I just watched the beginning of this the other night and then remembered I had already seen it.] 

I have worked as a chamber maid, breakfast cook,  in a wood plant & retail (clothing mostly)
Retail was my most recent on my resume. 
Then I was in a auto accident and had some back issues so I had to leave the job I was at. At the time I loved hauling boxes of new clothing items and arranging them on racks on the store floor. But the Dr. said I couldn't go back right away. The store needed someone and after a few months of my Dr. notes they had to fill my position. Of course I ended up quitting because my Supervisor said.... "You either come back or I am hiring." "Well sorry but my bodies well being is much more important than making a little more than minimum wage." This was about 4 years back. Fast forward to now my Mr. works a full time job. And we really wanted to make some more money. He didn't want me going back to full or part time because then our shifts usually end up opposite of each other and we barely get time to be together. So one day I just said "Why don't we get a cleaning job? We can work for a couple hours a few nights a week. Work together and make money all at the same time. That was last February.... In April we started cleaning a big office supply store a couple nights a week. In June we took on a craft store also ... and just last week a book store.
So we are now busy cleaners. Three large stores and lots of stuff to make sparkle.
I cleaned 10 toilets the other night! None of them were mine... actually mine needs a cleaning but I am far to busy for that. *laugh* Maybe on the weekend.
 Some people may look down on Cleaning or Cleaners for that matter.  But I would like to have those people know that cleaners probably get paid double of what the average jobs pay Example: super market, movie theatre, retail store or something along those lines. After doing this for awhile I thought "Why did I not do this sooner?" I used to go to work at the clothing store and work for 6 hours making the same amount I make in 2 hours cleaning.
 This is not my dream job. But it might very well lead me to it. 
My dream is to own my own Vintage & Thrift store. 
I sat around long enough waiting for that magical moment when out of no where I was going to fall into money and all of my dreams would come true. *hahaa* Maybe a sparkling purple unicorn was gonna fly by my house and drop me off a half a million. 
"I am still waiting Mr. Unicorn"

But until then.... until I am at where I want to be financially I am going to clean my tushie off!
I don't have to deal with rude customers. I don't have to hear tons of complaints... I don't have to try and explain that you cannot return a pair of pants to our store that had NEVER even been sold at our store and is not even a brand we carry.

"Oh yes but my dream is to own my own store..." So I suppose I will have to deal with that sort of stuff down the road. But you know what? I will be the boss by then and I can just kick those people out and tell them they are not welcome. *wink*
 Here is my Vacuum. I am in love with Henry! He's the cutest little thing and makes my cleaning adventures even better. Who could be grumpy turning around to see him following you smiling?
My daily work attire consists of some sexy blue nitrile gloves. 

(I am actually a little bit of a germophobe and gloves are a MUST for me.)
I even bought myself these cute ones for when I am doing glass and scrubbing.
Eventually I am sure I will add the leopard print cuff ones to my equipment. *hehe*
The only down side is I don't think I will be going to work in a 60's shift and curlers....  not yet anyways.
My mug that I have had for about a year.... "Hard work never hurt anyone but why take the chance?" I love it, its so cute. But unfortunately there are no people hiring to get their dogs vacuumed. *hehe*

So there is my take on cleaning "And no I will not brush your Loo!"

See you Tomorrow

Friday, February 8, 2013

Grape cluster GO GO Rosie

 I can do it! That's what I keep telling myself anyhow. It's been a couple weeks since my last post. I would have posted sooner but life is a lil hectic at the moment. Mr. Coco and I have recently acquired MORE work and were told it would be a smart idea to start our own business since we are pretty much doing that anyways. So why not make it official right? Starting on Sunday I will be working everyday until sometime in March. *eeaaak* When one of our jobs will be going back to one day a week instead of two. Which will then give me Mondays off. 
("Don't worry the max hours I will be working a day is about 4 so it's surely do-able")
3 days a week I have been getting up at 4 a.m. to be at work at 5. THANK HEAVENS that will soon be over and all my shifts will be in the evening. 
I will finally be able to do Frock on Fridays again.
*woohoo I am looking forward to it*

Found this tea towel & the earrings above at a thrift shop. Even though I haven't been posting it doesn't mean I haven't been shopping. *lol*

 Bought this kitten for my Grandma O *shhh* don't tell her I haven't given it to her just yet.

One of my weaknesses!

 Frosted glass owl I picked up from Salvation Army
 Family of Elephants
(If you couldn't tell...)

 I am crazy about this bag to keep jewelry or hair stuff
Lots of pockets!
Cross stitch gingham tablecloth
My second pair of Chinese shoes. I found some last year and was just recently thinking I would like a pair with some color. (My others are black) I had even looked online and seen some real cute ones. Thank goodness I didn't buy them because I found these at Salvation army for $3 BRAND NEW!!
Kokeshi doll makeup bag and change purse
My best bargain... was this set of melamine dishes a 16 piece set for $1  
I was screaming so loud on the inside I am surprised people couldn't hear my screetches coming out my ear holes!

I will be be back with another post soon, have a very happy weekend!