Monday, August 26, 2013

Water your EGGPLANT!

 Watering the flowers in this funky zip up dress

 I camped out in my backyard on Sat night. (I found this Frida bag for $1.99)

Close up of funky dress!

 *Weird Face*

 Here is our eggplant (So cute)

*Hibiscus love*

 Frida bag close-up
 The MOST AMAZING...... shadow box shell art picture. Found at the Salvation Army for $20
When I seen it on the wall I said.... "OMG that was made for me" It's quite a big pic, about 3 feet long.
 *Shrimp Love*
(If you know what this says PLEASE TELL ME)
UPDATE: I was told in the comment section by Helen that the pictures title says: "Waiting for guests to come."
Thank you Helen

(I took a better picture of the signature in case someone can let me know the artists name. The previous two pictures were taken on a bit of a slant and were hard to make out.)
 Thanks in advance

 Candle stick holder .30 cents
 Hammered copper candle stick holder .25 cents each

 Vintage hanger $1
Pottery owl $1.50

 Illumination cat .25 cents