Wednesday, May 30, 2012

$1 gingham dress gets a outing to the movies

On the way to the movies

 I haven't went to a movie in over 7 years. The last movie I "Remember" seeing in a Theatre was Shrek 2, so that has got to tell you something...

The pretty rainbow we seen on the way... to go see

(I have never talked about a movie on my blog before... but I do right now so if your not interested in this part SKIP Thru this giant block of letters below.)

 I really wanted to see this movie and when I found out it was playing at the "Old Theatre" in town for only $3 I thought it would be a perfect time to watch it. I like "Scary movies" My Mr. does not... thankfully he came with because he said: "for better or for worse in our wedding vows" *lol*
I wanted to see this movie because over the years I have read alot about the nuclear disaster that happened in Pripyat Ukraine in 1986. Whenever I decide to look through photos and read stories I always feel sad. I hate seeing ghost towns & abandoned buildings as is. But throw in a horrible disaster as the cause for a abandoned town and it's even sadder to think about.
I suppose I wanted to start reading about it because my Grandpa was Ukrainian... I really don't know why it interested me so much. Disasters are not something I spend my time reading up on... Only Pripyat and it's story peaked my interest.
The movie really didn't have anything to do with "Actual Pripyat and what happened" Which I knew... I knew it was a horror movie based on the location of Chernobyl. The movie really wasn't that scary...  I was expecting a real *creep factor* but naww.... I didn't even have to grab Mr.s hand!!!
After seeing the movie I prefer to look through actual photos and read more written on it. Because the actual true to life stories on it.... are more intense than the movie ever could be.

I could never imagine what it would be like to have to flee from your homes in a moments notice and never be allowed to return. To see what those people saw, and go through all they had to go through.
The real story of Chernobyl is more 100 times more terrifying than this movie was.
Images taken from Right Here

 I wore my 60s yellow & white gingham Ruby Lou dress I paid $1 for a couple weeks back. We were running late as I wanted to get some snacks from the dollar store. I decided to slip on my black Justin cowboy boots and head out the door.

I took this while waiting for the movie to start..
This is our oldest Theatre in town. We have a Huge big "newer" fancy cineplex odeon on the other side of town. But this one does the job and I don't mind it one bit. 
It brought back some memories when the Mr. and I were dating we brought his Brother and Sister to this theatre to watch 101 Dalmatians in 1996

I was 15 and head over heels in love!

The Mr. INSISTED on having Theatre popcorn!
The bill for these two items below
just under $14
I could have had 12 dresses and the tax to pay for those dresses with that purchase! *lol*

I do have to admit the popcorn was good though...
We snuck in:
And I am glad we did because... Had I bought them at the concession I am sure they would have been $4 a box!

 A lovely action shot
(I bet you didn't know my crustacean love ran so deep did you?)
I laughed when I saw this pic.

 Oddly enough these pics were the best ones of me that had been taken last night. I was trying to get gum out of my purse whilst walking back to the vehicle!

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P.S. I know it's now Wednesday.... But I got all dressed up in my $1 frock to participate... But by the time we got back from the show it was too late to do a blog post.
(Please don't punish me!!!)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Best Garage sale weekend of the year so far

A usual day at the Flea Market

 Vintage Jewelry box

 Makeup case

Mesh bag & Lipstick holder

 Candle holder stamped Japan

 Carpet Bowling game from the late 30s-40s (These balls are Bakelite)

 I have been wanting a Leopard belt

 1976 Koala

This thing WAS FILTHY but I still wanted it. It has a sticker on the inside bottom that says "Jasmine Tea" It also has instructions on making the perfect Jasmine tea. So as odd as it seems I think Jasmine tea was once sold in this Kitschy little basket.

Two sombrero's are sitting at a garage sale. A Honorary Mexican comes up (The Sombreros call out to her from the table legs they are propped up against) The Honorary Mexican cannot  ignore the pleas from the Sombreros to take them home. They beg to be brought to a place they will be appreciated.
The Honorary Mexican  notices they are both tagged at $5 each... she offers $8 for both. The seller accepts her offer not knowing how many nights she will cry when she makes tacos for dinner.
The Honorary Mexican WINS AGAIN!!!

(If you didn't know I have plans for a Sombrero wall)
That's why I am buying up sombreros like they are the must have item of 2012.

Funky Footstool

 Blue radio
This radio looked rather horrible when I purchased it. It was seriously "Yellowed / Brown" from living in a home of what I can only assume was a SERIOUS chain smoker.
I didn't know if I could get it clean.... I may have spent an hour cleaning the darn thing. BUT it did come clean... I slightly lost some lettering in the process. But that's bound to happen when you are trying to get a gummy tar like substance off of something that's about 50 years old.

 Just something about this Coronado radio. It turns on and has a buzz... I just don't have a (Antenna) for it just yet. It had a screw to attach a antenna too in the back. (I love old radios... the sad thing is we only have one AM station left here where I live.)
That doesn't give me much choices does it?

Vintage aquamarine and white sewing machine. I tested it out last night & cleaned it & Mr. Coco oiled it. It runs so quiet I thought it was broken at first.... It's quieter than my modern plastic thing!! "This beauty is no featherweight" She comes in at 40 lb or 18.1436 kg
Coming across delicious sewing machines is not a regular occurrence for me. So I did have to go to the bank to take out another $20 to buy this $15 dollar machine.
(REMEMBER I only go garage saling with $25)

Flea Market Finds

We have a Flea Market in our town every Sunday morning. I went every now and again the past few years but on my previous visits stuff seemed to be priced quite high. So I pretty much stopped going.
Then last summer I went twice, once found nothing the second time bought a vintage brooch.
Now fast forward to last Sunday I finally decided to give it another chance. I did find something - this vintage bag with wood handles. The inside is lined with some pretty floral fabric.

 So because I found the bag last week... I decided to go again this morning. I am glad I did because this is what I found.

A Coconut purse from Hawaii with cute beaded handles. The Woman I purchased it from wanted $5 I asked if she would take $4 she said yes!!

This lovely green and gold cabochon necklace! There is a seller at the market who has a great choice in jewelery he had 3 big racks of necklaces and all were priced at $3 each. (They were all quite nice no junk really.) Buying things from our flea market is still more pricey than our garage sales.... but it's better than it was a couple years back. So I may have to start visiting it every now and again.

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Also after everything I brought home this weekend I am going to fill a box with stuff I no longer use/need/want and bring it to Salvation Army. I don't want you guys seeing me featured on a episode of Hoarders. *lol*

On Sat evening we took a drive up in the mountains and spotted this Bear in a field. He looked at us then turned his back. I wanted a picture so yelled "HEY POOH BEAR" And he turned and looked at us. Mr. was too slow taking the picture as the bear turned again and all you could see was his bum... so once AGAIN I yelled "HEY POOH BEAR" He looked back with a face like "LADY I am not Pooh Bear my name is (Insert name you like here).

 No matter how many times I tell him to put on sun-block....

I thought you would want the necklace modeled!!
Thank you J for posing so cute!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr. Coconut!

 Here is the Mr. and I after his Birthday dinner.

 Mr. Coconut loves Japanese stuff. So I wore a Japanese fan shirt to celebrate his Birthday.

 Mr. Coco ordered Ribs! The restaurant we went to has a free Birthday meal.
(Can't complain about that.)

 I ordered the calamari dinner!

 I told Mr. to stop at the park so we cold take some pics. Thankfully he was in a picture mood and was happy to pose and dance with me.

 Mr. Coco wanted to go to the Ramen shop for his Bday but it was closed due to being a stat holiday here in Canada. The Holiday is (Victoria Day) "

Quick Facts

Victoria Day is celebrated in honor of the birthdays of both Queen Victoria and the current monarch of Canada.

Happy Birthday to you Loo! I love you very much badly.
Your the best husband I could ever have. How many men would be able to put up with so much garage saling and thrifting? *hhehe*

 Now your older than me... but only for 4 months so you better enjoy it.

Have I ever mentioned I love Hello Kitty? Well I do and this seemed like a perfect excuse to dance with her.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Do you have some time?

To look at my garage sale finds of the week?
 This is my favorite find. A 1950s alarm clock
("It still ticks when you wind it up and had a rather "ALARMING" ring.) I will admit I spent a little more on this item than usual.
The clock cost me $10.

 Real shell compact / trinket box 0.25 cents.
( I looked them up on Etsy and the cheapest was $8 most expensive $24)

 Glass table lighter $2 (I have a weakness for these, this one is my third)
"Uh-oh they say once you have three you have a collection"

 Pink flower bangle 0.50 cents

 Mouse pad & coasters $1 (I have not bought a new mouse pad in I don't know how long. My past three have all been purchased brand new from yard sales for super cheap!

 White fat lava triangle vase 0.75 cents

 Plastic buck figurine 0.25 cents (He is going to drive my cute plastic doe's nuts!)

 These Lavender trellis's are so cute! I just finished planting my flowers this week but didn't purchase much vines because I didn't want them crawling all over randomly. Looks like I will have to go get some now as my trellis's are lonely.
$2 for both

 Vintage blue suitcase in great condition

(The inside)

 Horseshoes $1 (I have been wanting to find some horseshoes since the beginning of last year garage sale season. FINALLY my patience paid off. And even though the Mr. and I had a LONG day.. we played a game this evening. He won the score was 15 - 11.)

 The Mr. bought these 6 books the dates are two 1952, 1953, two 1954s & a 1958
They are in such good condition I imagine they sat stored in a box for most of their lifetime.
$4 for all six
Do I ever NOT buy toys??

 All pieces accounted for price sticker $40 we paid $5

 *Says a little prayer that the future children REALLY like Mr. Potato head*

 Spud Buds! Look at the corn *hahah* "I actually got embarrassed at the sale I was at when I seen this. Because the seller was sitting where I could not see her, so I thought they were just inside the house....
I spotted the Spud buds and was like " OMG THERE IS A CORN AND A CARROT... look (To the Mr.) They are Mr. Potato's friends...."  I then heard a giggle and finally noticed the seller in her chair laughing at my excitement. So I said "As you can tell I love toys!" And she said "That's okay so do I"
I then said "I don't even have kids yet... when I do I will probably be fighting with them over toys" She also confessed she didn't have kids either... "WOOHOO I am not so strange.." Okay maybe I am!

 We stopped at a thrift shop after garage saling. I spotted Hamtaro ... I could NOT leave him behind. Not with those eyes!
Japanese cartoons have the cutest characters.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

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