Thursday, July 4, 2013

The daisy skirt goes to Mongolia

(Trying to be serious ... it's not really working)
 Yesterday was my younger Brothers Birthday. I decided to wear this vintage daisy skirt.
I brought my camera to the Restaurant only to realize that I forgot my battery for the darn thing in the charger. Luckily I had my cell phone and got the pic below.
(My Brother and I)
(My plate of food)
We went to a Mongolian BBQ. It was absolutely delicious. I was so full near the end my Mr. had to help me finish my plate. *lol*
 I found my Umbrella at The Salvation Army I paid $2.50 for it.
 These daisy's grow in our yard every year. I love them they grow quite tall and have to be tied up to a stake.
As you can see they go perfect with my skirt.
I just got this lamp from Salvation army for $10.00.  It is a really funky wood and brass lamp. It has a cast iron base. Now there is one this missing..... and that would be some glass shades that go over those brass cut out cylinders. Even though the lamp looks cool without glass shades I will surely be on the lookout for some that will make it look even better.
I dunno what it is but I have taken a liking to this stuffed pig. I haven't bought it and will try and refrain myself. BUT THERE IS A BIG blanket inside the pig so it's making it rather hard for me.
HAPPY JULY 4TH to all my American Bloggie friends. I hope you are all having lovely BBQ'S AND FIREWORKS and whatever other fun stuff that goes along with your Holiday.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Canada

 It's Canada's 146th Birthday. And I went to Target to celebrate. *lol*
 After weeks of rain we are getting a hot spell. It's 38 degrees Celsius today which = 100.4 F
 I purchased myself a big lovely pineapple to indulge in. I loved it so much I named it Spikey. He rode in the front middle seat of the vehicle.... All was good until Mr. Coco took a corner too fast and Spikey Spiked him in the arm. *OOOOPS* "Why is this pineapple even in the front seat" Mr. Coco said. (BECAUSE I like him I replied.) *hehehe*
Tonight I will go watch the fireworks with Mr. Coco and Spiky will not be joining us because half of him is cut up in delicious triangles and his headpiece is in the compost.
I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.
Talk soon