Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Great Garage Grabs

Four or so months back I was in a little thrift and came upon a Asian looking male wood doll. My guy has a thing for Japanese stuff so I purchased it for $1 for him. After a little research I came to know the doll I purchased him was called a Kokeshi. He liked my gift and weeks later he came across another male kokeshi it was about for or 5 inches smaller but just as nice. Well on the weekend I spotted this girl. She was .25 cents! Isn't she cute! Now she is part of his little collection. I imagine there will be more to come.

Mesh metal heart necklace .50 cents

Velvet jewelry box $1

Green dish OoOOo so lovely!! $1

Metal zigzag box and ric rac $1.50

(Not vintage but cost a mere .50 cents) I think I will eventually E-bay this one I would squish myself to bag trying to get into this!!

This Calvin Klein handbag still had the remnants of a store tag on it. It was brand new and I paid $4 for it. The lady I bought it from said as I was walking away. "YOU GOT YOURSELF A GOOD DEAL" heheh yea I think I did. I love the size of this big shiny bag! I am also not the type of person that can just drop hundreds on handbags. I think the most I would want to spend is around $30 so this find made me HAPPY!

What a cute idea (Storage for your bulbs and seeds) I bought green enameled box for $4.. looks like I saved myself a 20

Cute vintage silver dress $1

I am lovin this nightie.. although I would wear it as a dress with another white slip under it. $1.50

Cute and bright (A Windsor dress) complete with original tags.

I came across this dress two weeks ago. It actually had a sewing pin in it which pricked me *ouch* The dress was priced at 10.00 because its VINTAGE... Apparently my Salvation army has now started marking vintage items as "vintage" and marking up the prices. They never did this until the past couple weeks. *sigh* (I might have to move to another city soon) hahaha

Anyhow a week later which was this past weekend they were having a dollar clothing sale. I ran to where I left the 10 dollar dress and it was still there! WOOO! So I paid $1

I love these hats! 50 cents

I purchased two strings of these patio lights last year saling. It was the tale end of summer so I saved them to put up this year. I will show you my light stringed patio when I am finished some re-arranging of the patio. I am keeping my eye out for more... no luck yet. But I suppose I have a couple months left.

~Bye for now~

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Towels, Shiny Shoes, Mysterious Beacon Sewing Machine

Vintage Towels ALWAYS grab my attention, and at 50 cents each I could not resist these happy water absorbing lovelies.

The silver ones grabbed my attention and at 50 cents a pair they were coming home with me! They make me wanna learn the CHA CHAAAA!
Whats even better... They were made on Fuk Wing street! It can't get much better than that.

The black pair is so COMFY!! The lady had a box of vintage shoes... The rest were alot bigger in size these were the only ones I could get away with wearing.

A bundle of 6 pillowcases, 3 matching sets

75 cents

25 cents per spool

I have been working on something new this past which requires thread thread and more thread!

Black and white footed stripey planter


Glassbake dishes with cast iron holders. The bigger dish did not have it lid, but I figure with all these places I frequent I will be able to find one for it.

$1 for all

This angel statue is not vintage. I figured the lady would want at least 5 dollars or so for it. So I asked and when she said 1 dollar I said.. I'll take it! It is quite big... would make a good bird bath if I could place it on a tree stump or something. *lol* But I have no stumps!! I might just have to find one and see how it looks. I asked the lady if she knew what it was for and she didn't know her friend dropped it off for her to sell. I put my little strawberry plant inside so you could get a idea on the size.

Strawberry plant will be placed in his new home tomorrow.

Are you serious Vintage Coconut??? Another sewing machine.....??

Yep! hehehehe She sat in the driveway amongst random paraphernalia, the box was one of the first things that caught my eye. "When I see a sewing machine box, I just have to peek" Thinking I could just Google the brand and get countless information proved me wrong. This machine is rather mysterious.. I can't find much on it. It surely looks like a Singer.... but hmmm it's names Beacon and why the heck when I search it do I find pretty much ziltch??

What I do know is this cute little "WAIT WAIT WAIT" LITTLE? MY ASS! I can barely lift the freakin thing. It's cast iron and I don't even know if I could get it back upstairs without at least taking a break in between. Okay so this HEAVY hunk of iron has bakelite parts here and there. The little light shade is also bakelite.

Maybe this is a Mercury machine named Beacon... I really don't know! But I am determined to find out. So I will search for answers.

But if you are wanting to know... Bee that is it's name sews WoNdErFuLlY!

I only tested it quickly, but plan to do a cleaning and oiling then will test it a bit more.

I paid $4 for Bee

And I am just letting you know now in advance... I am not done buying old sewing machines.


I realized today after tinkering with bee.. that when I look at my only modern plastic sewing machine... it looks like a childs toy. So far the metal machines are taking over and it's 3 against one.