Saturday, March 9, 2013

I GOT the vintage carpet bag and a few other things

 I know you were all wondering!!
So here is how it went.... "I told Mr. Coco I needed to be at the Salvation Army at least 20 minutes before they opened. (Read previous post if you have no clue what I am talking amount *lol*) So we get there and there is no one waiting outside... we park and another car pulls in. *Eaaak* I think in my head... I better bee-line for the door. I did just that and stood right next to the ENTRANCE. Then the lady who pulled in behind us walks up. So I am thinking hmmmm I guess I was more worried than I should have been. That is until I looked over and realized there was 2 separate vehicles with lady's sitting inside with horrified faces."  UH-OH I guess some people were trying to stay warm in their vehicles..... "If you are serious about something you gotta tough it out" *laugh*
They abruptly get out of said warm vehicles and cue in-line I swear every ones secretly eyeing each other up and down. Then I realize one of the ladies doesn't even have a clue as to what's going on when she says "WOW WHAT'S GOING ON?? Why is it so busy today?"
One of the vehicle ladies says: "They opened the display case this morning"
(Hmmmm I wonder what she's after I think to myself.) As time gets closer I get more nervous. I show Mr. Coco the two pictures I took of the display case the month before (Yes Clare display stuff is ALWAYS priced higher, sometimes higher than they go for on Ebay for goodness sakes.) when everything had just been placed inside. I say if you see this purse or this hat. "GRAB IT"
The time arrives when the worker unlocks the dead bolt. I pull open the door and start walking at a calm brisk pace. Sort of like there was a hot fire coal under my buttocks .... But then I hear the people behind me. Their feet picking up speed.... That's when I revved it up and the hot coals turned to a full on fire. As I am walking/joggin... I see the vintage hat with the black veil and grapes I didn't even stop  just *SHWIIIIP* Plucked it off a mannequin head in a snap. Okay one down one to go.... I get to the bags... (ITS NOT THERE) Panic sets in... "WHERE THE HELL IS IT" my hearts racing.... SURELY someone has it in their clutches by now. I hear everyone chatting loudly *Look at this* *OHHHH THAT'S NICE* I see a small crowd gathered over a table. That is when I see the corner of the handbag sticking out from UNDER THE TABLE every one's at. With one *WOOSH* OF MY arm the bag was in my hand *Breath* "AHHHHHHH" I did it. (I actually said that out loud didn't I??) yes I did..... *hahahha* I got what I wanted. But wait?! what's the prices on these things? They always have the prices hidden in the display case. I flip the hat over and it's $10 (Uhmmm no) I like vintage hats but I am not a HAT COLLECTOR or crazy hat lady.  That is when I hear one of the vehicle ladies "OH I knew it would have been you that got them, I just knew it" she said (She was smiling and being nice) But I knew she had obviously been after the same things. That's when I noticed she had the other hat that was in the case in her hand. One lonely hat..... I felt the hat I got should go with her. She would appreciate it more than I. So I said "I decided I am not going to buy that hat, it's $10 would like it?" "Oh yes..... thanks" she replied... She looks at the purse "It really is a beautiful bag" "Yes it is I reply" (In my head I say and it's not going anywhere else but with me.) *SMILE*
I told her to enjoy her hats they are both very pretty. And that is how it went. I got the bag.... The bag I wished for.
The price..... $20
Her name: Beatrice mainly because I beat everyone to her.... *hehehe*

Note: I might of bought the hat if I hadn't had plans to go on a out of town day trip on Monday.
I am gonna need money ... I usually find great vintage stuff up there.

 Beatrice had a busy first day with me. She went to a Bank appointment and then we had some lunch at the Japanese ramen place, we went shopping to Winner's & Toys "R" Us and had a quick jaunt through a Grocery and dollar store. She was told she was a very nice bag at the Japanese restaurant by one of the Waiters. (Obviously he knows his stuff)
Beatrice smells like a Grandma's house... not a Grandma from nowadays but a vintage Grandma. She is better than alot of my vintage bags because she is HUGE and holds my big wallet, camera, comb, change purse, pen, chapstick, gum. And I still had room. You will see more of her in the future I presume.
Here is some other things found this weekend.
 Earrings 0.25 cents (I don't have anything like these. I love them they jingle alot,  music to my ears?)
 Blue pressed glass AVON jar 0.50 cents
 Hosiery also bought out of the display case. $1.00 each.
 Tablecloth background purchased for 0.50 cents, mesh bag 0.50, yellow hanger 0.25 purple and blue scarf $1, white FREE
 Ceramic Bambi made in Japan $5
(More than I normally spend on a figurine, but the price tag was wrapped around it's leg and I thought it said 0.50 cents ... Then Mr. Coco said uhmmm no it's $5 I was putting it back and he said... NO! I will buy it for you.
(Such a sweet man)
 Random sewing bits $1
 I was gonna keep this a secret because.... well... uhggg .... errrrr ... it's a little uhm Gosh I don't even have words.... I BOUGHT ANOTHER SEWING MACHINE!!!!!!!! OKAY OKAY OKAY there it's out... I outed myself.... YES another one. Number 7 to be exact... that's why I wasn't gonna say anything. Sewing machine anonymous WHAT'S YOUR DAMN NUMBER? because I can't find it anywhere?!
But look at that above picture. I saw this (Suitcase looking dealie) sitting on a bottom shelf of a local thrift shop today. I said to my Hubs... "Can you open that for me... I wanna see what it is?!" Is it a record player... a sewing machine...???? The box opens.... "ANGELS SING" I see it like a banner flying behind a plane BERNINA................
 Photo from here
(*dammit*) Why did we open the case? WHY WHY WHY... I CAN'T LEAVE IT HERE? It's orphaned... owener-less sad and cold??!!
(Get a grip on yourself Coconut) It's a flipping hunk of metal
"NO IT'S NOT" It once had a family.... it once made things for it's family. It's owner loved it very much when it was purchased in April of 63. She was smiling and happy and couldn't wait to get home and step on the pedal and hear the motor hum while she made curtains for her kitchen and fancy stitching on her tea towels. She dreamed of everything she would create. Bernina had been threaded who knows how many times by her owners hands..... Bernina had been oiled and cared for and loved and cherished..... She had seen many dresses MOD, groovy, maxi & mini. She smelled many cups of coffee, heard lots of laughter and even seen some tears. Whatever circumstances led to Bernina being orphaned must have been serious. It couldn't possibly be that Bernina had been replaced by a new plastic model that only weighed 6 pounds.... NO  NO NO IT wasn't that!!! Bernina's owner must have aged..... aged to a point she could no longer sew.... Or maybe she moved to a seniors home and couldn't bring her machine with her... or maybe... maybe... she had passed and the owners children just dropped off Bernina like she was a old tatty hat and didn't really realize how special she was.... I don't REALLY have the answers.....
But I just knew she needed a home.
 Push the button on the top left and her light comes on
She came with these lovely books that used to cost a mere 0.20 cents from Woodwards
 She came with her Bond
She stitches like a dream.....
And she will be with me until I can no longer keep her or I find someone who will cherish her just as much as the lady who purchased her in 1963 did the day Bernina was purchased.

Okay so where's that number?

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fastest post I ever made

I am standing outside of the Salvation Army. There is 15 min before they open. They have this display area that they put the "good stuff" in and hold it for a whole month for people to stare at and decide they want. I have had my eye on a purse and hat. So here I stand..... Me in the front of the line Mr. Coco and 3 other ladies. *eaaaak* my heart is racing. Please vintage Gods let me have that purse.