Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yesterday I turned 31

 I was SO happy when I seen the cake Mr. Coco ordered for me. It was a Dairy Queen Oreo cookie blizzard ice cream cake. Decorated with four Hello Kitty rings (Since there was no kids at my Birthday I get all of them and don't have to share.) The big kitty with the bear is a bottle for bubbles!! Complete with a wand that come out of HK's head.
The Mr. usually asks me what I want for my Birthday. This is what I chose.....
 A Vintage Faux Fur Leopard print coat. I chose this because I have been looking for one for about 2 years and whenever I do come across them in a thrift store they are usually not my size. They are either too big,  too small,  too long,  or too short.
 This one is just perfect & now my search is over. (But watch now that I have one I will find one that fits me perfectly sometime soon.) That always happens!
 My Brother got me this vintage compact mirror from a Antique store in a little town.
(I adore the dainty little rosebuds)
 Sorry for the leopard overload *hahah*
My Dog bought this for me. Well at least that's what the box said.
 Here is something I bought for myself. Doesn't everyone buy something for themselves for their birthday? I know I always use it as an excuse!
I went out for a Chinese Buffet yesterday to celebrate. This picture was above our table. I wish I could have took it off the wall and brought it home. I also got cold hard cash for my B day which makes me Happy because,  if all goes as planned on Saturday I am going to go on a little road trip to a town a couple hours away. The town has a REALLY cool antique store and a antique furniture store (The place I bought my Vanity table from last year.) Also there is a good amount of thrift shops and who doesn't like thrifting in a different town?
I have already been day dreaming about the stuff I could come across. *haha*

*Cake Love*
P.s. Thank you Facebook bloggie friends for the Birthday wishes.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Puff Bottom Sleeves "You make the rockin' world go round"

 It's Frock Friday and here is what I wore to go out for Mexican food & a short walk in the park!
I found this dress for about $1, It was in my (to sell pile). But I decided to give it a whirl for today's post and it turns out I really like it and am not selling it to NOBODY! *lol*
 It's a no wrinkle polyester fabric and has the cutest little flowers on it that kind of look like cloves... maybe they are cloves?! I have no idea.

 There's really nothing going on down there... I was just pretending as people were pulling up to the dock in a boat and I felt awkward... *hahah*
 Okay so I love these sleeves. They were sewn on separately from the other fabric.
And they have a good amount of puff to them!! If the puff was on the shoulders I wouldn't like it.... but puffs at my elbows are delightful!!
 I hated my Fringe/Bangs today they are too long in my opinion. Whenever I get to this point I think "Do I still want fringe or should I grow them out?" This is the 4th time I have asked myself this in the past couple months. So I asked Mr. and he told me he doesn't care.... I rolled my eyes... He flipped a coin (Which I didn't see) So he says: "If you ask me you should cut them" I say... "Oh okay so you want them short again" He says: "I dunno that's what the coin said"
They will probably be hacked off again the next picture you see of me. I wouldn't mind having short bangs in the winter they will look cute poking out of all my Canadian toques EH!!!
 "Can't freaking See!"
*Lemon face*
I spotted another one of Vanessa's spy's!! This one was cheeky and eating the berries on the tree.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

No!! This is not a advertisement for Palmolive

 But Palmolive does have a small little debut in this Ta-Dah Tuesday post. On Saturday I went garage saling. Only 6 sales to go to because it was the last weekend in August. I did not find one thing (This is starting to become a trend, I suppose the season has come to a end. I will try one last time this Weekend.) I usually end our Saturday routine with a couple thrift shops.
Next stop Salvation Army, Which is where I found a half bottle of Palmolive for 0.29 cents and now I can have soft hands and be the Envy of the women in my neighborhood.
Okay I am kidding I already had the Palmolive. What I found was these Johnson Bros dishes!!!
 Aren't they GROOVY? Plates with flowers on them!! Who doesn't love to eat off of a flower plate?
 The thing is .... it wasn't just a couple of dishes...
 It was more like a Dish set
 I don't remember the last time I hand washed so many dishes. *Thank you Palmolive*
 I filled the drain rack 4 times
 The set was on the bottom shelf. It has 56 pieces. I only found a handful of flaws.
I had to have it as soon as I seen it. But I was worried what the Mr. would say... Had he said no I would not have listened... NOPE not this time. Thank God he knew I meant serious business!
The set was labeled $7.50
The lovely Lady working the till decided she only wanted to charge us $5
*What a Gem she is*
I am over the moon..... especially when I seen a replacement salad plate priced at $9
After a couple hours of research I found out there is a butter dish and that I hope I eventually find. The creamer is another item I will search for as the jug I do have is the gravy boat. I imagine someone was clumsy and knocked the creamer off the counter.
This set should last me a good long time. Sadly WAY in the future my future children probably won't come across their childhood dishes in a thrift store and say
"These were the dishes I had when I was little, as often as I do."
My childhood dishware
We had 1 set of each.
And my Grandma had these!
Found Here
Whenever I see any of these dishes at a Flea Market, Garage sale or Thrift shop.... I instantly reminisce on my childhood. I remember eating my cereal at the kitchen table in a swivel vinyl kitchen chair or standing on my tippy toes at Grandmas trying to get a mug so I could have some of my Grandpa's Ginger ale he always kept in the fridge.
You would probably never think dishes could impact someones life... But if you REALLY think about it. They are something you use daily.... They are used for MANY of lifes occasions and celebrations. They show up in family pictures and obviously are remembered in some peoples minds...
So for goodness sakes MAKE SURE you love your dishware!!
And thanks for reading about my Ta-dah.