Monday, April 26, 2010

~*Vintage Plant Stands*~

Needing some advice on these plant stands. In my last blog I mentioned garage sales and how I got two plant stands one was for only 50 cents which was this one.

I plan to keep this one inside because it does not have much rust and I would like to keep it in the shape it is.
Now the second one I paid 2 dollars for it is the unpainted brass one (I adore it)
it has some rust going on and I do not know whether to leave it or give it a brand new paint job.

The one next to it in the picture was given to me by my Grandma, it was her Mother's. When I was given this it was brass and rusty, I then painted it a bright yellow and it sat that way for a few years. Then I changed it to the way it was painted in the pic and it has been blue and white for about 3 yrs. Now my question is these are going to be outside and I would like to give them a makeover. I would love to paint them in the same color so they match. What color do you think would look great on them? I just really can't decide, and I would appreciate any input.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fancying wallets

Okay so I have no clue as to how my wallet fascination started but it has. I guess it started by the cute little vintage convertible buxton I found, which then led to me buying myself a 70's vintage green wallet. And now on Saturday I found this adorable shiny gold daisy pattern wallet.

(Which of course I bought) Now the good thing is I paid next to nothing for it. The thrift I was at was having a "fill a bag for 2 dollars sale" and the wallet was one of the things I had to stuff in there.

The other thing I couldn't leave behind was this adorable swan. (It's facial expression is just too cute, I have no clue where I will put it just yet but I will find a place!)Garage sales on the weekend turned out pretty good. I 3 little garden gnomes to add to my little cement mushroom patch in my backyard a big wood owl cutting board for FREE! *hahah* I also got two plant stands from the garage sales on the weekend, I will show you those in my next post.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cute little suitcase

A few weeks ago I found this cute little white travelgard suitcase, it had scuffs here and there and a few spots of "Who knows what?!" Well I finally got around to cleaning it today and it cleaned up VERY WELL. Most of the black scuff's came off and all the other weird marks mostly vanished too. ($6.99/Thrift store)

The other things in the picture are some things I also found in the past two months.

1. Adorable vintage wallet. (I really love the little clasp on this vintage buxton convertible wallet. It also smells like lipstick *lol* which is another thing I find great about it.)(25 cents/thrift store)

2. Blue Marble bead necklace ($1.00/thrift store) (It matched my outfit that day.)

3. Navy blue and red umbrella patterned scarf by: St Michael (10 cents/thrift store)

4. ELG-ART Jeweled small travel clock (50 cents/yard sale)

5. Brown Chunky marbled plastic bracelet ($1.99/thrift store)

6. Big vintage sunglasses ($2.00/thrift store) I ended up really liking these and already wearing them ALOT.

7. Green crochet shamrock (Made by me this winter.)

8. Haband! Pink gingham strawberry day dress. As soon as I saw this I wanted it, I don't think it had ever been worn the buttons are all in perfect shape and the pattern is just too cute.($2.00/thrift store)

Thinking of going to some garage sales on Sat.. If I do I hope I find something amazing.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Almost better

Well my injured boxer is almost better! He got his stitches taken out on Friday, the swelling in his leg went down & his cone was allowed to be taken off Yesterday. "Thank Goodness" It was stressful for him and us all at the same time. He hated running into things with his plastic satellite dish around his head, and we hated worrying about what he was running into and making sure he would not hurt himself even more.
The ulcer that had started on his eye is now gone. He has a little bit of scarring from the scratch, but thankfully never lost his sight in that eye. He is very happy now that he is not wearing (Extra armour).

I can now leave the house again and go out thrifting and to garage sales without having to ask someone to keep an eye on Jersey. I swear for 3 weeks I barely left the house. *Woohoo Cabin fever is now over*