Monday, February 28, 2011

Shoe finds all under $1.00

We have this little thrift shop where I live that has a $5.00 a bag sale.
Now this only includes clothing & footwear (Nothing else like kitchenware, linens or jewelry ) They also exclude any clothing or footwear they think is valuable and in that case they mark it as a "specialty item" Sometimes they mark the funniest things as special (Like a new 10.00 walmart shirt with tags intact.) yet they put Lululemon clothing included in the 5.00 bag. *LOL* Regardless I always scan through the shoes for any vintage lovelys.
Here is what I have come out with so far.

Red and blue leather heels. They need some new glue under the liners as it has started to separate. Other than that they are in great shape.

I love these red Airsteps when I purchased them they were brand new. I have only worn them once but I am sure they will get alot more wear this spring and summer.

I found these gold and black babys last week. My eyes zoned right in on them. I seriously love these so much. They look very comfy also, I want to wear them with gold nail polish!

These off white shoes have just a slight heel. Perfect for me "The girl whos afraid she will have that little ankle glitch where your heel wobbles to the side and you fall over." I really hope you know what I mean!!! *lol*
Not vintage.. but cute none the less I think I will wear these with lots of skirts and to dress up jeans a little.
Last week I brought out my sewing machine and made a little home for it on my desk next to my laptop. I am a beginner to sewing making small things here and there, and have always wanted to get into bigger and better projects. Last week I purchased two different vintage wrap skirt patterns off E-bay. They have not arrived yet but I am really excited to get started on them. I have not chose any fabrics yet but am thinking maybe some sort of Hawaiian fabric. I will update you more on this skirt project in a future post.

I found these two fabrics last week. The bottom one I am going to make some pillow covers with. And the top adorable pattern is a rather small piece,
but it's just so darn cute I wanna make something lovely out of it.

For the rest of this week I will probably be sitting at my sewing machine. Trying to gain more experience.

Talk to you soon.

x__Vintage Coconut

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Update: Eyeglasses (fit for a clown)

Here I am to update you on my glasses. Normally a post like this would probably not be at all humorous.. but this one just might. (Let me grab a re-fill on my coffee and then I will continue this little story.) All right here we go.

On Thurs the 10th I ordered my two sets of glasses. Shipping time was estimated a week, so I was VERY surprised when my glasses arrived on Mon the 14th *Holy heck* fast shipping.

I excitedly opened the package glass case number one was the lucky brand (black frames)tried them on and INSTANTLY loved them!!
Case number two Kam Dhillon (purple ray-ban style) I opened the case and first thought was.. "Jeaz these are a little huge" Thinking it was just my eyes I walked to the bathroom and put them on looking in the mirror. I wanted to laugh but was so confused as to "WHAT was the person that made these glasses smoking?!?" Now some people might like these.. they may fit someones style. BUT HECK NO!! Not me!!!
I knew they would have to be returned, lucky for me the business accepts returns and even pays the return shipping. (Now that is a great business)
Now I knew I had to take some pics for you guys of these glasses before I packaged them back up within hrs of receiving them only to send back for a credit to get another pair.

But first glasses Pros & Con's

-They were purple (I like purple)

- They were way wider than my actual face.
- They made my eyes look weird.
-The 4 times I put them on I felt like I could get hired to do children's Birthday party's.
- I felt like a 80s geeky secretary.
- My cheek bones do not require to be framed in glass and my ears to not need any magnifying either.

So now I wait for my account to be credited.. so I can once again pick out another pair of frames. I really wanted something Ray-Ban-ish. But I do not want to have to make yet another return.. So I am thinking I will go for some tortoiseshell rectangular frames. And hopefully come across a nice pair of vintage specs within the next 6 months to fill with my prescription. It looks as though it will be a ongoing battle. By the next year I could have 5 pairs of glasses.

I will let you know what I ended up getting when I get another knock at my door in the early a.m. from the FedEx man.

Here's a cute little video if you have some time to pass.


Sincerely x__Vintage Coconut

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Finds that make me HAPPY

I have been keeping up on my usual scouring thrifts for vintage + lovely finds.
Here is what I found this past week.

Acme cowboy boots $10.00

Watermelon juice jug & 8 tumblers $5.00

Jantzen Classics pin up style swim suit $0.25
(This is not a vintage suit but a new remake of the old style)

My first table lighter $3.50

Starburst patter silverware 4 for $1.00
(I think I found 6 this time, I am slowly collecting them from here and there. Hopefully soon I will have somewhat of a mismatched set. LOL

Carved earrings and bracelet
$1.75 bracelet $2.99 earrings

Fancy designed gold foil wallet mirror $2.50

Rhinestone eyed poodles $2.00

Vintage Vixen recently posted about finding one of these poodles. I wonder if ours are distant relatives.. or maybe cousins. *lol*

My Mom got gorgeous roses from my Dad I just had to get a picture with them.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Prescription glasses vintage style

Hello everyone: Yesterday I had my eye exam so that I could get a new prescription. I got my first pair of glasses when I was around 11 or 12 because the teacher noticed I would be squinting to see the blackboard in class. Since then I have only had 2 different frames.. My first being a metal oval style with tortoiseshell arms. Then my current I have been wearing, black fronts orange insides rectangle shaped frames. I still currently LOVE these black and orange frames and in the future plan to get my new prescription put in them. But I thought it would be nice for a bit of a change to switch it up and finally get some new style!
So once I got my prescription I came home and ordered my frames from a website that has FaBuLoUs deals! In the past my glasses were purchased locally.. it does make it a little easier to actually physically try on frames you like to see how they suit you. But with the amount of money I was saving I decided to take a chance. Before finding out about the site from a relative I had a pair of $180.00 frames picked out (Ray-Ban) and my lenses were probably gonna cost another $150.00 plus any extra coatings on the lenses and tax. It would most likely be close to $400.00 for just one pair.

From the site I purchased not 1 but 2 frames with lenses included for about $240.00 *YAY*
Nowhere in town could I find cute vintage style frames.. but this site had about 15 choices. My favorite brand if your in the market for vintage style, without actually buying vintage frames. Had to be the ones Lucky Brand makes. I had a hard time choosing from 3 different Lucky brand vintage style frames.. but FINALLY much to my family's happiness I made the choice and clicked the button.
And since in he beginning I was gonna get some Ray-Bans I decided for my second pair to stick with that style.
So here is what I chose..

Frame choice one: Lucky Brand Maude (In black)

I am hoping these look as good on my face as some other styles similar that I tried on. I also have always loved shamrocks and Irish stuff so I adore the little shamrock placed at the end of the arm. These framed come in a few colors but I went with black thinking it would go with everything .

Frame two: Kam Dhillon Purple (Ray-Ban style)

Life is too short to blend in with everyone else. That is why I chose these purple frames. Now normally I would not choose a colorful frame. But since the fronts of these look so close to black even though they are a dark purple I felt confident I would like them. I sometimes have a loud personality, I like to be different. Now if these were going to be my only frames.. I would go for something less bold and more the norm. But since I can switch back and forth.. I think I will love sporting these half the time. Plus my eyes are green and purple is said to be the best color to bring out your eyes.. Hopefully these glasses can do that. *lol*

I will do a update when my frames arrive. They were ordered last night and will take about 5 business days to get here. I am very excited and cannot wait to get them.. I am also crossing my fingers that I love them on my face as much as I do the pictures.
The site I purchased them from is:
Although if you are in the USA I am sure you guys probably have sites similar to this Canadian one.

In the future I hope to find a cute pair or actual vintage frames and get my prescription put in them. But until I find a pair I absolutely adore, these should surely do.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Pantyhose bring back memories

Sometimes it is the funniest things that bring back memories. One of these things for me is L'eggs pantyhose. I remember as a little girl being very intrigued by the displays in the supermarkets, convenient stores & gas stations. Almost everywhere I went I remember seeing the egg shaped containers sitting neatly in their displays. Even though I was only about 4 at the time. I remember wanting to grab one out of the display and have my Mom buy it. I don't think I ever asked, but I do remember once she was needing some pantyhose and I said "Buy these kind" of course she went with the ones in the flat regular packaging.
Had I been older and was needing some I know very well I would have went with the egg! I tend to like things that are different from all the others. Maybe that is why I was so intrigued by these pantyhose and why they bring back childhood memories. It's obviously the reason why I am writing about it right now in this blog. *haha*
After doing a little research it appears L'eggs started their unique packaging in 1969. And in 1991 they decided to change the packaging to a small milk carton shaped container because they were selling alot of pantyhose and in the 90's started realizing how much plastic they were putting out there. They decided they wanted to be more earth friendly. Now I guess that makes sense.. but I know DARN well I would have used those eggs for things still to this day. I could have used them for crafts.. for displays. Heck I could have even stored my unmentionables in them!
Over the years I stopped seeing these lovely little containers holding hosiery. My memories were faint and way back in my head somewhere. Had I never seen a picture of them or better yet a actual egg. I probably would have never thought of them again in my lifetime. But as it turns out I suppose that is just not the way it was supposed to be. Last year I was thrifting with my parents and my Husband. I walked into the store and instantly my eyes were drawn to something that made me flashback to when I was small. There was 4 containers up on the top of a clothing rack with a bunch of scarves and accessories. 4 just glistening in the sun.. I stared at them, admired them. And remembered EXACTLY what the Supermarket display that I most saw when I was little looked like and where it was placed and all of its surroundings. I even heard a little song playing in the background. I know it sounds silly.. Pantyhose bringing back a whirlwind of thoughts & memories.
I purchased 2 of the L'eggs from the thrift. One of the four had a crack in the top of the egg the other was scuffed like it had been kicked across the floor. I wish I bought them all now that I think about it. Of course alot of times when you think back to something you wish you would have done it a bit different.
I am going to keep one of these forever.. I think anyways. lol
I am planning on putting the other up for sale in the future. Cause really I only need one to bring back memories.

So there is my little story on something funny that brings me back.
Do you have anything funny that brings you back to your childhood?
Heck for all I know this post might bring back some L'eggs memories to you too!
I bet you almost forgot about them. *Wink*