Monday, November 28, 2011

Vintage purchases and Christmas decorating

Here is one of the fat lava jugs I picked up at The Salvation Army.

I got two of the same for $1 each.

The point of this location... I love the candy and nut decorated windows.

The point of this picture... To show you my first wool plaid skirt I found on Friday.

*Ooooh I adore it*

Anyone need some brown sugar for their Christmas baking?

The long petticoat!

So the Mr. and I went out to one of my fave locations to take some pictures upon arrival what did we see?? A BIG brown bear!!! *EAAAAKKK*

The bear was eating something.... Maybe a fish he caught out of the creek.

He was VERY BIG and scary... We almost turned around and drove straight home!!

I am scared of bears!




*HAHAeheh* "Grrrrrrrr"

Who did I trick?? ANYONE??

It's not a bear... it's me in that REALLY hairy faux fur coat I picked up for $10


Ghostly Gal

It fits me perfectly... it's just so much darn fluff I almost get lost in it!

After the pics out in nature I went home to do some Christmas decorating

"I can assure you... he is sniffing the lights around my legs" *lol*

*Rocking around the Christmas tree*

My tassel ornaments

*PAH* I was actually doing stuff other than fooling around! Look behind me the tree's almost trimmed.

I will take pics of that wedding dress I purchased very soon. But I didn't get around to it today. I am not even finished my Christmas decorating....

Tomorrow I have to gift wrap some doors! *hehe*

Friday, November 25, 2011

I'm not going to miss it this week! *Frock on Friday*

Okay so I missed the last two Fridays.... But look I made it this week. *lol*

Here I am downtown a little up the road is one of the thrifts I frequent and that is where I was headed.

The frock I wore today was being a tad problematic. When I purchased it (Months back in a $5 bag sale) I noticed it missing a button on the wrist cuff. Then once washed and ready to be hung a button popped off the front. (*sigh*) I was too lazy at the time to re-sew it on so I kept it in safe keeping all the way up until today when I finally went to sew it back on.
The buttons are in sad shape.. apparently they are so old they have decided to crack all over the place. "No wonder they are just popping off."
I couldn't even sew the button on the dress with thread so I could wear it. I had to use EMBROIDERY THREAD to keep the darned thing on.
So on the list to buy is 9 good condition vintage buttons to help this lovely frock live many more years to come.
Here I am in the Mall! "Guess what?? Santa is coming TOMORROW!!!"
(No not to your house..... to the Malls in my town!)
I wanted a picture here because of the happy snowman behind me. *lol*
Didn't get no full dress pics while out.... *woops*
Here is some last minute in the house pictures so you can properly see this frock.

Jersey the Boxer says: "Momma has really lost it this time. She's a twirlin FOOL"

I kept warm all day with these grey leggings under my dress.

Did I split my seams dancing???

Jersey is bashful

I suppose you will never know... *heh*

I have had such a great week in the thrifting department.

On Wednesday I found myself a rather FABULOUS faux fur coat "VERY HAIRY" *laugh*

I also found a long vintage petticoat. "In very good condition"

Today I found two Mid Century Fat Lava jugs "That sounds sort of ... dirty doesn't it? I can assure you it's not.

Lastly I scored a vintage *whispers so Nelly can't hear* Wedding dress.

"I am not a wedding dress collector, this will be my first one other than my actual wedding dress I own. But it was included in a bag sale and I probably paid about 50 cents for it. There is NOOOO WAYYY I could have left it there. I will have to show you ladies some pics cause I can't pinpoint what decade it's from.
I will put my mannequin Galaxie in it.



Monday, November 21, 2011

Lets catch up... Shall we? *Lots-O-Pics*

It has been over 2 weeks since my last post! *Shocked face*

So let me catch us up. It has SNOWED here twice already. Both snowfalls melted within two days or so... Above is a pic of me during the second snowfall. (I got out of the shower saw it was snowing, jumped into the first items I could find and took this pic.)

I mention in my about me I am obsessed with blankets/bedding what have you.
Below are two recent finds

Cotton loomed Bates Bedspread $3

Bed spread number two (no makers tag) $4

I found this table mirror this Saturday for $7. I have been looking for one for Hazel (To: new readers Hazel is my 1930s English Vanity/Dressing table I purchased last month.) I was going to buy a brand new one for $20-$30.

I am glad I held out... Because when I seen this mirror on the shop shelf (dusty, dirty & tarnished) I thought.. That is sort of cute! I grabbed it and read (MADE IN ENGLAND) And I thought "Hazel is made in England! OMG she will love it, it must be meant to be."

(I wish I was joking but I am not)

The mirror frame looks to be silver plated its quite black in some areas. The mirror is in great condition and the back of the mirror is backed in some sort of blue velvet looking material.

I was given some money from my Grandma who lives eons away... Of course I needed to spend it as soon as I could right? Who saves money?!

So uhmmm I went shopping...

I found some bras

My heart was sort of loving the leopard one... BUT DRATZ it was too small. So obviously I went with the one I am pointing at. (In case you were curious)

Reg price:$36 I bought it for the clearence price of $7

"Come on now I know some of you are nosy"


P.s. Nelly I have been wearing your lovely scarf all around town!

Then I bought this makeup. I always purchase drug store makeup, I have never been one for Fancy Shmancy. But now if you can get it on a bargain.... Well that is a whole different story. I seen this stuff last month and loved the look of it.

Cable knit sweaters and buttons OH MY!

I wore the electric blue this afternoon... I have never even WORE blue eyeshadow before and was sort of worried I would look like Mimi from Drew Carey.. but I ended up loving the look!

Can't beat that price I could have bought two eye shadows from Walmart for about $20

The first edition of Yahtzee (Which I can't wait to play!) $3


This cute pink bottled perfume was brand new at Salvation Army. I paid $1.99 for the bottle and it smells like a bouquet of flowers. *mmm*

Two Deco men's grooming brushes. $4 for both and they are green!


Who doesn't like my makeup??

Friday, November 4, 2011

Mrs. Mercy Morbid (Frock on Friday)

Hello everyone! I wanted to thank you for all the lovely comments about Hazel my Vanity table from last post.

She is rather chuffed upon hearing all of your comments.

(You see that?? You hang around with other bloggers from different parts of the world you start using their slang.)

Although.. since Hazel is English I figure it is fine.

Now onto the FROCK!

"Hello I am Nanny Mercy I am here to care for your children"
Dress: $1.00

Carpet bag: $2.00

Leather boots: $0.75

Leather gloves:$1.99

Hair flower: Tara

Cross necklace: $0.99 Clearance Walmart

Black glass bead necklace $5.00

Total spent: $11.73

So this dress was lusted after by me for a few weeks. I am pretty sure I seen it the day it came out onto the thrift store floor. The price was about 8 dollars. (Not bad not bad.... But not the best when you are a lady who can clothe her entire body for half that at times.) So what did I do?? Well I took a chance on waiting until this immaculate dress would end up becoming the dollar day tag color I needed it to be. I am sure 4 weeks went by. I would check on her from time to time. Lucky for me she was placed in an area of the front window that I could see when I would pass by. (As the store is seriously mere blocks from my house) I must have muttered "My dress is still there" many times to whoever I was with when we would drive past.

Patience paid off! I went right at opening time on the day her tag color was on discount. Un-hung her and thought in my mind... "I did it.. yes.. I win!"
The other half seen these skull roses I was bringing with me for photos and said: "Well... NOW you look Morbid"
Hence the name ... Mercy Morbid

So how could I make this frock post even more fitting?? Well see the building in the background? Would you be a little spooked if I told you it is a abandoned sanatorium? It started up in 1907 and ran until 1958

It is a rather chilling place to look at. I try not to look into the windows in fear that I may see a face or someone waving. *EEEpp*

After the Sanatorium closed they reopened it for other purposes until 1984 when it was closed permanently. People who have snuck in and caretakers and security of the property say it is haunted.
(See the look on my face above)

I am 1 a little bit sad a building so old is just left like a hollow shell
sitting to rot. 2 A little creeped out, and worried about hearing a strange noise or seeing someone that shouldn't be seen.

Maybe I was worried a woman from the past would see me and think "Ohhh there is my friend Pearl Anne I must go say hi to her!"

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My first antique furniture purchase

Continuing from last post

"I walked into a room where there was not one but three FREAKING vanities.
Omg! My heart started to race and I had the hugest grin on my face...
I ran to find Mr. Coco"

The store is quite large and I saw him walk off into a section that had records and musical instruments. Sure enough he was still there! I am sure I probably looked like I had just seen a ghost. "Babe they have vanities here" I said.

"Not one but 3 maybe more" ... He told me he would come take a look in a minute. (*Psshh MEN!!!*) Here I am after months of creeping on classifieds and scouring thrift stores and he acts like its no big deal and in the mean time my head is gonna explode with excited-ness.

I tell him I am going back to look. In the mean time the salesmen.. (Probably thinking I am some sort of wack job since they saw me breeze past them with eyes as big as saucers) Asked if I found something I liked.

"Yes a few of them I replied"

He told me prices.. one was WAY OFF my range $325 "too rich for my blood"

Another didn't have original mirror... Then thats when I stumbled upon her...

She was nothing like I had been imagining "Which is weird"

My dream vanity was:

Dark wood

Art Deco waterfall

Round mirror

Like this one below

Those were my stipulations.. That is what I had been searching for these past couple months.But once I saw this one I couldn't stop looking at it. (Then my mind would say "No it's not a round mirror... it's wood isn't dark enough.) So I would doubt for a few seconds... and then fall right back in love. She was 50.00 more than my $200.00 I planned to spend. This is one of the first times I saved Birthday money and added money to it to buy something really worthwhile. (Yay me)
The vanity is all the way from England. It was shipped over to Spokane Washington at some point and then the antique store I bought it from.. purchased it & brought it over the border into Canada. So she has had a long trip to say the least.

She is 1930's and a burl walnut wood

My vanity in the store

(I named her Hazel)

Right before I was about to purchase her one of the other employees had to go and point out... It had a matching wardrobe. (I would have been better off not knowing that.) Because it was very gorgeous and I did not have the money for it.. and had to split up the pieces and leave the wardrobe on the store floor.

I am very sorry gorgeous wardrobe *sniff*

So I bought the vanity loaded her up carefully and was ecstatic to finally be bringing one home. This is a pic right after we unloaded it. Sitting in the dining room.

Hazels mirror: Has some small dark fleck age spots in a couple areas and a odd wave flaw in the glass on the left side.

(It's sort of eerie)

One thing I loved instantly is the decorative celluloid designs on the sides.

She has a small top drawer, three middle big drawers and two side cupboard doors. I will be doing a Vanity post in the near future once I have everything organized. I am trying to plan where I want all my stuff to go and that is a job in itself.

One of my new favorite places. Sure beats sitting on the couch applying my makeup in a small compact mirror. The night I got her settled in my bedroom I applied her wood conditioning treatment. After that she shined more than she did on the store floor.

How weird would you think I was if I told you I play Hazel 1930's music. I am pretty darn positive it must be her favorite and I REALLY wanted her to feel at home here.

When I move to a bigger place I can for see many more Antique furniture purchases. There is just something about a piece from another time that seems so wondrous. I mean seriously I know I would not have the same feeling buying something from Ikea. *lol*

I do wonder about Hazels previous owner.... Who she was "Was she a sultry siren or a proper lady, what kind of things did she like and what did she store in Hazels drawers.." I will never know.

But it will not keep me from imagining.