Friday, March 30, 2012

Mrs. Magnolia would love to be Don Drapers Secretary

Mrs. Magnolia sat in a park on a bench reading her favorite cookbook and trying to figure out what to cook her Husband for dinner.

 The book (The Family Circle Fish & Poultry Cookbook  1955)

 "Oh what's this Mrs. Magnolia found?" A Lobster dish!

 She then headed back for home and stopped to take some pictures in the trees..

Thank heavens for her Mastercraft purse

and Petticoat

"Would you like a coffee Mr. Draper?"

I have had this dress for awhile now and was waiting for the perfect time to wear it.
Since Mad Men season 5 premiered this week I thought it would be perfect.
BUT HEY!! I haven't watched it yet... "Why??" Because it's been so long since it was last on the Hubs and I decided to Re-watch it from Season 1. Right now I am in the middle of season 2...

 Mrs. Magnolia loves to make faces. But when her husband is taking the photo and sees the face made on the still image in the camera he looked up over the camera to see what his wife is doing.

 Which made Mrs. Magnolia laugh!

Later in the evening when Mrs. Magnolia switches back to Vintage Coconut this photo was taken.
In which I was making YET ANOTHER FACE...

 Did you know at one time in my life when I was little and asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I used to say a Ventriloquist. *LMAO*
I swear up and down left and right I am not joking. Whenever I think about that now it gives me a good laugh. (I was not your average child.) And I bet my parents are glad that dream did not come true. (No offense to the Ventriloquists)

P.s. Some of you were wondering what type of Cat Eyes I am looking to get in the future.
"When I said in my last post about Cat eyes with gold and rhinestone accents."
These glasses are for sale here:

These are along the lines of what I have in mind. I love the look of them, but I am all about finding a bargain and that is something that needs to be waited out.
Plus I don't know how my Man will take the news... that I am obsessed with vintage glasses.
(I have been trying to keep it a secret.)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nothing in particular

This is my Mom's friends Genie's Coconut Monkey she got while in Mexico on holidays.
Isn't she pretty?! She has shells for ears. *lol*
Look at these boots I spotted in our Salvation Army *hehe* They were 1 size too small for my feet but I tried anyhow.... and NOPE no luck. I thought they were so cool though.
 Rice pudding in  our little department store Diner. I went there for dinner after a full day of thrift shopping. The diner woun't be around for much longer as they are going to be renovating the store which is a Zellers now into a Target. I am happy we will be getting a Target store but really wish they could keep the Diner.
I got the cat eye glasses I ordered from Etsy. Now I just have to call around and find the best price for getting my prescription put in them. They are my first vintage glasses.  I wanted to find a pair on a good deal to see how much I like cat eyes. If I end up REALLY liking them then I will splurge on a more flashy pair (You know with rhinestones and flair) in the future. I am always admiring those glamerous ones.. but I didn't want to spend a starting price of $80 for something if I wasn't sure I would LOVE THEM and wear them often.

In the past few months I have not been too thrilled with weight I have gained over uhmmm Fall & Winter lets say (Really it's been a little longer but really I just don't want to talk about it). *haha* So I decided I will try and get in the habit of exercising more. Yesterday I tried Zumba for beginners which pretty much just teaches you the dance moves to the dances you will be doing. *OHMG* I felt like this octopus below.
 I seriously felt like I had 4 arms and 4 legs I was so confused and un coordinated it was quite funny.
But that doesn't mean it wasn't fun. I really hope I get better at it. The Pros are you get to dance to Latin music and learn SWEET dance moves & burn calories at the same time. Cons (Right now I keep the curtains closed.) Nothing I am doing looks like what the people on the video are doing. I swear if I recorded myself I would look like a demented drunk jellyfish!

I plan to switch things up and do other kinds of exercises also. (To hopefully keep me from getting bored and quitting.) Once you get in the habit of exercising it is VERY EASY to keep doing it. It's just getting back in to it that's hard. And that's where I am at ... Trying to get into some sort of fitness routine. WHY?? Because my fave pairs of jeans aren't really fitting all that great atm. My weakness... Chips (Jalapeno, Mesquite, Ketchup, Malt Vinegar or Dill pickle) It really doesn't matter... but that is my guilty pleasure.

This made me smile

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Purple People Eater spat out my frock

Happy Frock on Friday
Dress - Bag sale $0.50
The Poncho Salvation Army $1
Silver high heels Bag sale $0.75
Floral Headband Desiree FREE
Purple Flowers Dollar Store $1
I found my purple poncho on Wednesday afternoon & was thrilled because I was planning to wear this dress for FOF and new it would go perfectly.
My artistic photo
Where am I? Well... up in the mountains...
I promise there really is one!!
Poncho / Dress
At the Veiwpoint
~ Fly away with me..... ~
*Such Grace & Focus*
Face making time! *hehehe*

Saturday, March 17, 2012

My St. Patricks day

Here I am standing in the Walmart parking lot
But lets rewind.....
When I woke up it was snowing!! I had plans to go to a Estate Sale that had been listed a few weeks back in online classifieds. Thinking that I seen the opening time for 7:30 a.m. I set my alarm for 6:45 a.m. Alarm goes off I check my email and then go to the add to write down the address. When I see that their start time is 10:00 a.m. ("WHAT") I am tired as heck (Because I had only went to bed at 3 a.m.) my one eye is like only half open, and I am awake for no blinking reason. I was going to just stay up "But I was way too tired and at 7:30 I went back to bed until 9:30."
It was foggy out this was the view from the bridge we crossed heading to the Estate sale.
"Turns out this "ESTATE SALE" was a sale where a lady who liked to craft wanted to sell her crafts at outrageous prices. There was no 25 cent items or even $1 The pricing for knick knacks and decor ranged from $10 - $50 "MY HEAVENS" There was no estate to be sold...
It was just a small sale of crafted items and weird 90s decor and kick knacks being sold for more than you could buy the same thing for at Walmart.

(Lady... you ruined my morning)
I didn't have the huge wool coat planned for my St. Patty's attire but when I realized it was freezing it became something that needed to be worn.
A sign on the ceiling of our mall
Stopped here for our weekly visit
I will cry if this place closes down!!
Okay now to the HIGHLIGHT of my St. Patricks day. Mr. and I went into a retail store we visit every now and again. He took off to go look for headphones and I was browsing through some woman's clearance clothes. When I looked in the direction Mr. Coco had went and spotted a Mis-placed item in the Men's department. What was this item I spotted.
On the shelf like 15 - 20 feet away I spotted a BIG RED ....
CRAB BOOK!!! I seriously ran from the clothes instantly and grabbed the book with the biggest grin. I am sure it has a age limit on it (4-6) or something but that didn't stop me from being COMPLETELY enamoured. Then I saw Mr. Coco coming towards me and I showed him the book as he was walking towards me..."I was Shaking Mrs. Crabs eyes up and down"
I didn't even ask for the book. Mr. Coco just grabbed it and held it.
OBVIOUSLY he bought it for me...
What a GREAT man!!!
Do you guys want me to read it to you?? *lol*
Look at this toadstool chair, Isn't it adorable!
I think Em would like it just as much as I do.
Well it's a kid's thing too... but hmmmm (Now I know why my Mom always asks if I missed out on my childhood) *hehehe*
I ended my night by visiting my Grandma. We had pie and I helped her with her computer. Here is a pic I took of her Bichon/Poodle.
Hope you enjoyed your St. Patty's day.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The bright crazy intricate designed dress

I did a HORRIBLE job of Frocking this Friday. I did wear a frock trouble is... I only took two darn pictures. And I didn't even get the whole darn dress!! (That's your fault Mr.)
I was very rushed today as Mr. still had to go do his last shift before the weekend. So I rushed out the door to go to the "Bag sale" Thrift. I didn't find too much this time. These pics were taken in front of a cute old house on the same street as bag sale. (I love that little front porch area.)
I bought this dress in a (Buy 1 get one free sale) The total was $5.00 so I suppose I paid $2.50
I am crazy about this big giant ring. It makes me think of black licorice whenever I wear it.
Here is the daisy headband I got from Des.
When I look at this picture it creeps me out. I think it has a weird trance vibe to it. It has to do with my eyes and the top leaves on the headband... "YOU ARE GETTING VERY SLEEPY STARE INTO MY EYES"
Am I crazy or do you get what I am saying?

(I adore this headband so much!! I have always loved Daisies)
I wore a daisy hair flower almost all last summer.
I have a purple dress I want to wear this one with. It was too wrinkled to frock up into today. But that's probably a good thing since I totally didn't snap much pics.
This is the one Mom wore Yesterday in her Birthday photo.
Thank you all for wishing her a Happy Birthday I am going to get her to read your comments soon. (I know she will be thrilled with the ones saying her and I look alike...) because I used to always swear I was adopted. Most people don't see a resembelance between My Mom & Dad and I.
Fuzzy photo but this headband is very pretty. The whole base is green leaves and then the roses on top!
Thank you very much Des & Stylist for doing your fun little giveaway & for the Stylist pulling out my name!!! *WOOOT WOOOT*
Something else came to Canada for me this week.
It was a gift from Em!!
(I love cute packaging)
Em sent me a LOBSTER, PRAWN, CLAM, SHELL apron she bought at Kylie's garage sale!!!
OMG!!! I love it immensely. I am going to wear it the next time I bake (Which will have to be soon now) Also in the package was those red & black leopard earrings. I loved the card... and instantly thought "mmmm Tomato soup" Then I realized... it wasn't soup... it was tea! *hhaha*
Thank you Em!
Lastly thank you to those who became a "Liker" on my Facebook store page.
I was having a horrible time figuring out how to do and work all the stuff on there. (Then I finally realized) I was supposed to have a "Personal facebook account" So I could be (A Administrator to the page.) So all in all I had to create ANOTHER facebook account so I could actually properly run that page and "LIKE" other businesses and stuff.
My name on there is Melanie Sparkle. I tried Melanie Coconut and I got a message saying (They didn't think that that was a legitimate name.) But yet ... I tried Melanie Sparkle... and it worked like a charm. *LOL* *Roll eyes*
~* Have a good weekend Everyone *~