Friday, August 6, 2010

Sew in love with Elna

A couple years back I started thinking I wanted a vintage sewing machine. Being that green is my favorite color I wondered if such thing existed. I walked over to the computer and typed into the google search bar (Vintage green sewing machine) A few photos of green machines showed up but the one that caught my eye was ELNA. I thought about Elna every so often and always came to the conclusion maybe I will come across one............ in like 20 years.
About a month or so AGAIN I thought about the green wonder that is Elna I figured if I was ever gonna get a vintage machine, I better start sewing on my modern one. So that is just what I started to do. I have made a few fun things one being a owl pillow.

Last weekend I had to take a trip to a city 2 hrs from where I reside to visit the in laws. I told my guy that before we headed home I would like to stop in at the value village there and take a walk thru. (Psstt yeah right I wanted TO BUY SOMETHING!!) As we looked round I spotted something green and in the shape of a sewing machine. I thought to myself.. (Could it be...) My mind seriously told me NO! there is no way that that thing over there will be a Elna... WELL IT WAS! I just left without even telling my guy where I was headed my eyes were on that green thing and I needed to get a closer look. Once it was right in front of me I was amazed at the shape it was in. Very little scratches or marks still in it's green case. (Ahhh it was beautiful.)
My Guy came over and looked over it with me, he knew I wanted it. We seen the power cord and some other pieces but then he asked.. "WHERE IS THE PEDAL? is something missing?" Well then he had me second guessing it too. I am not no expert on sewing machines by any means.. we came to the conclusion to leave it. I was sad.. I finally found a Elna and I was gonna leave it behind. We traveled home did not make it back till about 11:30 p.m. I was tired and went to sleep. It the morning I hopped on google and started researching about Elna. Nope she doesn't come with a pedal she comes with a knee bar.. Ohhh I thought so that's what that metal contraption was for. So then I start searching how much they are to buy and I found Elna's anywhere between $180.00 - $300.00. I was really mad at myself then I just wished teleportation existed so I could get back there asap and buy her. I told my guy about all the info I had taken in. I showed him ones up for sale and the prices they go for and pouted. (Yes I am a total brat) I guess he thought it over because next thing I knew he was calling the store. Asked the man if it was still there. (OH I HEARD A YES!!) My excitement level rised a bit.
My guy put Elna on hold and before I knew it we were back on the road. Making the exact same trip we had taken the day before.. all for a green metal sewing machine that had probably not been used in decades. We got to the store and then they had troubles locating Elna. We told them it was supposed to be on hold.. FINALLY they found her in a pile of other stuff behind the tills. THANK GOD!! or I would have been livid! When we got home we plugged her in to test things out.
She was running sluggish. "OH DEAR" I thought.. hmmm maybe this was not the best idea. I googled what was going on and read it could just need to be cleaned. So we cleaned Elna and BOY did she has some lint inside her.. I bet you it was vintage lint so that makes it special, then we oiled her.. who knows when that machine had it's last oiling.

Well guess what?? After all that Elna ran amazing her stitches are beautiful and I was sooo excited and glad we made that trip back to get her. Her sticker price was $20.00 I bet they thought she was on her last legs. Now it did cost a bit in gas to go get her but it sure beats what I would get charged for shipping with a online purchase. So as you can tell by this story if you have even made it through reading it all is that I am SEWWW happy I got my Elna 18 years before I thought I would find one.

She is stamped January 15 1957 that's the day she left the production line. Who knows what she's made or who has made what with her, where she has been, how many fingers she has poked, where she has been stored or the conversations she has overheard. I am just excited shes mine now and I don't plan on getting rid of her ever.

Next week I am gonna start my first project with her, a crazy quilt! I have never made a quilt before so this should prove to be interesting. I have been collecting up vintage material and scraps for this and I am just hoping all goes well. I can't see it going that horrible because now I have my Elna.


  1. YAY!!! Wow, she was waiting for you all those years! What a happy little reunion story. And I love that your fav color is green. :)

  2. I think I tend to get too excited over things at times. *lol*

  3. Such a neat story, so glad you got her and she has loads to look forward to making.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    August giveaway

  4. So, have you tried her out yet?

  5. OHHHHHHH! you are so lucky. Now I just have to work out were you live so I can steal it. No, but I would LOVE one, in green too please.
    You must let us know how your quilt come along.

  6. Beautiful! I swear my grandmother had one like this she could take to different relatives houses. So cool!

  7. What a beautiful machine and a sweet story. I am so happy that old Elna found a good home. (My favorite color is green, too) Happy sewing!