Friday, February 4, 2011

Pantyhose bring back memories

Sometimes it is the funniest things that bring back memories. One of these things for me is L'eggs pantyhose. I remember as a little girl being very intrigued by the displays in the supermarkets, convenient stores & gas stations. Almost everywhere I went I remember seeing the egg shaped containers sitting neatly in their displays. Even though I was only about 4 at the time. I remember wanting to grab one out of the display and have my Mom buy it. I don't think I ever asked, but I do remember once she was needing some pantyhose and I said "Buy these kind" of course she went with the ones in the flat regular packaging.
Had I been older and was needing some I know very well I would have went with the egg! I tend to like things that are different from all the others. Maybe that is why I was so intrigued by these pantyhose and why they bring back childhood memories. It's obviously the reason why I am writing about it right now in this blog. *haha*
After doing a little research it appears L'eggs started their unique packaging in 1969. And in 1991 they decided to change the packaging to a small milk carton shaped container because they were selling alot of pantyhose and in the 90's started realizing how much plastic they were putting out there. They decided they wanted to be more earth friendly. Now I guess that makes sense.. but I know DARN well I would have used those eggs for things still to this day. I could have used them for crafts.. for displays. Heck I could have even stored my unmentionables in them!
Over the years I stopped seeing these lovely little containers holding hosiery. My memories were faint and way back in my head somewhere. Had I never seen a picture of them or better yet a actual egg. I probably would have never thought of them again in my lifetime. But as it turns out I suppose that is just not the way it was supposed to be. Last year I was thrifting with my parents and my Husband. I walked into the store and instantly my eyes were drawn to something that made me flashback to when I was small. There was 4 containers up on the top of a clothing rack with a bunch of scarves and accessories. 4 just glistening in the sun.. I stared at them, admired them. And remembered EXACTLY what the Supermarket display that I most saw when I was little looked like and where it was placed and all of its surroundings. I even heard a little song playing in the background. I know it sounds silly.. Pantyhose bringing back a whirlwind of thoughts & memories.
I purchased 2 of the L'eggs from the thrift. One of the four had a crack in the top of the egg the other was scuffed like it had been kicked across the floor. I wish I bought them all now that I think about it. Of course alot of times when you think back to something you wish you would have done it a bit different.
I am going to keep one of these forever.. I think anyways. lol
I am planning on putting the other up for sale in the future. Cause really I only need one to bring back memories.

So there is my little story on something funny that brings me back.
Do you have anything funny that brings you back to your childhood?
Heck for all I know this post might bring back some L'eggs memories to you too!
I bet you almost forgot about them. *Wink*


  1. Wow! Such a litsch little ad. I've never seen anything like that. Our tights in the UK always come in boring old cellophane wrapped boxes. What brilliant things and you're totally right, great little things for crafting or storage.
    I love vintage things that reminds me of my happy childhood, that's probably why I love seventies stuff so much. xxx

  2. How cool! I've never forgotten the ads that were on here for Razza Mattaz pantyhose in the late 70s, they had an awesome theme song and t.v. ad campaign. I love it when you get these blasts from the past, it's like an instant trip back in a time machine.xx.

  3. @Vintage Vixen I agree anything that reminds me of my childhood that I come across I try and scoop up. I was born in the early 80's I will not wear spandex biking shorts with size XXL t shirts.. so I had to revert back to a time when I did not even exist yet. lol

    @Kitty I looked up Razza Mattaz pantyhose on youtube. And watched a 1978 commercial. LOL oh jeaz the things they thought up back then. =D

  4. What a great way to relive memories good find.Dont you often notice that what you would like to find you usually do even if it takes awhile?
    Your post reminds me of the pantyhose ad Oh oh Razzamataz ad from the 70s as kids we knew that one well.Does anyone else remember that or was it just in Aussie land?

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  6. OOPs didnt read Kittys post lol so there are others who remember it then.. Note to self read all replies first before commenting!!

  7. @Janelle haha that made me laugh. That is a good note to self.. I have done the same thing in the past. =)

    I do notice the things I look for I usually find. And it's almost always after I slightly give up on finding them. Then POOF what do you know!! There one is! haha

  8. I remember the leggs commercials. It seems so long ago.So leggs bring back memories for you, I was wondering if when you wear Pantyhose do you wear leggs?

  9. Hurrah for L'Eggs!! They were obviously world famous! I must keep my eyes peeled,maybe I'll get lucky too and find some!Haven't seen them in years!
    It's isn't funny,but Vix sent me some Curly Wurly bars a while back,which I used to get as a child in Australia-I had no idea anyone still made them!I was so excited I ate the lot in one go.Oooer.

  10. @Helga I have never heard of curly wurly bars.. but I imagine if they were part of my childhood, I would have ate them all in one sitting too. LOL

  11. Gee you know you are old when you remember being old enough to buy and wear something someone remembers as a kid! lol...

    back in the day I bought one of these, got it home, and the egg was empty! Took it back to K Mart where I got it, and told them what happened. The woman looked at me, squinted and asked: "Did you take them out of the egg?"

    NO!! You idiot! I was shocked she accused me! I was a good young lady. =)

  12. OMG... I had forgot all about those, but you've re-seared them into my consciousness!

    I was desperately trying to come upon pics of the crafts you could do--not just the obvious Easter eggs, but puppets, Christmas ornaments, spaceships.... We had a book on it. Every week mom bought pantyhose she would never wear simply to keep me in plastic eggs....!

  13. I randomly happened across this blog...The company pulled them not because of plastic use. They were actually pulled because a little girl was playing with the egg part and making a "whooping" sound. Well, she happened to breathe in and the egg formed a suction over her nose and mouth. It was uch a strong seal that the Mother attempted prying it off and it was near impossible. She lost nails prying at it! Anyway, freak accident it was...the company immediatley took action, had doctors check up the child, and immediatley changed the packaging!!! I too miss the old packaging...but seeing as how that little girl is my sister, I am grateful she is age and no othr kids will have an issue like that!!