Tuesday, April 23, 2013

7 of my weekend Purchases

 Funky green shelf and drawer liners. I am keeping these in a safe place until I either move or buy a house. I would love my kitchen cup boards lined in this stuff.
 Pink moonstone double strand necklace
 Carved rose necklace
Blingy Spider brooch
 My find of the weekend! A vintage YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) Opium tassel necklace
There is a solid disk of opium perfume inside the Burgundy enameled disc. 
I seen this in the display case of one of the thrifts I rummage at. My eyes were instantly drawn to the boldness of the necklace.... but then I seen the small YSL letters. So I took out the trusty web enabled phone and did a quick google search which brought up one listed on Etsy for $219 USD needless to say. I stood at that display counter like a HAWK watching a fish in a lake. (Until someone came over to help me)
I seen the price tag. (A mere $3.99)
The worker comes over. *Points to the wrong necklace* "No (I say politely) the one next to it."
"I want to buy it." Do you need to look at it she says? "It's $3.99 right?" I ask  Yes she says
"I will take it" I reply. 
I guess that heightened her curiosity as she examined the thing like it was a precious gemstone chiseled out of a rock.
I then seen her eyes go a little bigger. YEP I'm pretty sure she seen the YSL logo.
I hope whoever priced it doesn't get in poo poo! *hehehe*
*Victory Dance*
 Vintage Opium Necklace in picture above is for sale HERE on Esty
The ad that helped me KNOW I was getting a amazing deal.
 Elsapel bright orange bag. Purchased for $2 from a yard sale. Will surely become one of my favorite yard saling bags. It's huge it's bright and Mr. Coco will never lose me amongst all the crazy yard sale HOOPLA!
 Found this dress in the same store as the Opium necklace. I paid more for it than I ever pay for dresses. But I plan to re-sell so eventually I should make my invested money back.
From what I am seeing on other blogs there is alot of great things being found at thrifts and sales.
That makes me HAPPY!

In the past couple years garage saling has become WAY too popular here. I noticed it more last year... but now this year it's INSANE. The garage sale ads listed online have over a couple hundred hits. There is like 10-15 cars at a time at each sale. 
I know it's these popular shows that have turned all these people into crazy bargain hunters. (Picker shows, Antique Roadshow, Storage wars and so on)
I have a feeling if I am gonna find any good stuff it's going to be because I am one of the first people at the sale.That will prove to be difficult as I don't like being a pesky early bird. The two last garage sales I held we had people show up an hour and a half early. They even have the audacity to knock on your door (Before anythings placed outside) Or call days ahead of time asking if you will be selling 
(Whatever kind of stuff they are looking for.)
"Awww well I will just keep on saling as I normally do and try not to let those people piss me off"


  1. I HATE early birds! It's so annoying and down right rude. They need to wait like everyone else.

    Love the blingy spider brooch and that dress is really cool too. I love finding something for a couple of bucks that is going for XX money. It's such an awesome feeling.

  2. O, sweetie, it's like that here nowadays, from what I hear. It's more than a bit pushy to turn up before time to a garage sale, I reckon! It happens at markets too, when the seller is trying to set up. I have no time for rudeness!
    The frock is fabularse, as a Horrockses you should do reasonably well! And I can't get over what that YSL pendant goes for!! What a steal you got! Hurrah! It's pretty damned funky! The drawer liners are an awesome print!

  3. Great finds!! We don't have here garage sales and I'm very sad about it, we have a Charity Shop and at the moment I'm one of the few customers, so I'm still glad to find a lot of stuff without fighting for them!I understand that it could be harder to buy things we like with such a great competion, but it's positive that in many countries recycling is a trend! I love the spider brooch with all my heart and even if I never liked 'Opium' fragrance (my old aunts use to bath in it) the necklace is very beautiful,has a 20's style that I adore and I'm excited for you for the extraordinary price!!
    Love xxxxxx

  4. I am struggling to sell anything at the moment even having a shop space its a real hard slog. I think its because there are so many people doing it and maybe the area I am in. I agree with you that its hard to find things at a good price to, to allow any mark up. We don't have garage sales here although I do have a friend who has a few house sales a couple of times a year which works great for her but its by invite only for vintage lovers. Great finds love the little orange bag and those drawer liners. dee xx

  5. When we do our jumble sales at school, the dealers always get there really early and moan about not being allowed in before everyone else - we don't let them though!
    Nice finds, Mrs Coco, that YSL perfume pendant is fabulous. Like Edie, I'm not keen on the fragrance, too heavy for me, but as a piece of jewellery, it's wonderful. You should do OK selling the Horrockses dress, they are pretty sought after. Lovely beads and bling and bag too!
    Yeah, no point letting the bastards get you down, just keep on smiling and snapping up the bargains, Melanie! xxxx

  6. I love the Opium necklace, I'm sure my Mum had one. Never was keen on the fragrance but the design was fabulous. Who on earth pays that much for one though,? There's some odd people around.
    That Horrockses dress should do okay and I love the print of the paper.
    Nobody ever seems to be after the things I like as it's always still on the table when I get there but I have such a laugh bantering with the old ladies and having a rummage it wouldn't matter! xxx

  7. I love that dress! That shelf paper is beyond cute too! The style of YSL necklace reminds me of an Avon one my mom had in the 70s. My sister, who was about 10, always took it and wore it to school! Also, that pink moonstone/moonglow necklace is just gorgeous! I adore moonglow and I collect it, big time! I have a 50s pink moonglow cuff bracelet that is one of my faves!

    Funny story about the Opium fragrance: When I was in high school, I had a summer job and while I spent most of my earnings on Gap and Express (and candy!), I plopped down a nice hunk of change on my very first designer perfume, Opium. I wore that scent to death! It became my "signature fragrance." During my Opium phase, I had my first boyfriend just after graduation. From the moment it began, I realized I had to break up because the guy was a clingy "Sally stalker!" At the end of our first date, he told me he loved me. Uh, ok. That should have been my cue to "sashay away" but I didn't have the heart. After three weeks, I called it off and he literally dropped to his knees in my parents' living room and wailed like a banshee. He eventually left in a huff and when I told my girlfriends at work, they fell about the place in fits of laughter. Gee, thanks for the support! Anyway, it's funny to me now but whenever I smell Opium, I am instantly transported back to the summer of 1993, being 18, and trying to rid myself of Mr. Clingy Dude. Isn't it funny how fragrance can illicit such memories?

    1. I totally agree about fragrance.
      Whenever I cross paths with someone wearing Clinique aromatic elixir, it always reminds me of one of my Aunties and brings me back to memories of her and I when I was little.
      Sometimes I try to cross paths with the same person again just so I can reminisce a little more. *HAHAHA*
      The next scent is CK one it reminds me of a guy in high school who used to have a serious crush on me. I am pretty sure he doused himself in that scent before coming to school. He even just showed up on my doorstep out of the blue a couple times asking if we could talk. (About dating I assume) *lol* You know one of the times he showed up he was wearing a trucker cap with a GIANT shrimp picture on it. *Bubba Gump Shrimp* to be exact. "OMG"

    2. Oh how funny about Mr. Shrimp Hat! LOL!!! And how unnerving that he would just show up at your house! Mr. Wailing Banshee Stalker, always crop-dusted himself in "Polo" by Ralphh Lauren. I am telling you, my parents' house REEKED of it for hours after he left! To this day, if I smell it on anyone, I get all oogied out! Lol! Ack!! Flashback! And speaking of hats, Banshee Boy wore a trucker cap all the time!! From what I can recall it was black and I think it said "Catepillar." Hahahaha!

    3. Polo and CK one eh ahahhahaha! Those were both VERY popular back in the day. Thank goodness a little less nowadays or you and I would be getting the Heebie jeebies all the time! At least his hat didnt have a giant Caterpillar on it!!!!! Lmao!!!

      These poor men if only they knew the memories we have carried with us having to do with them.

    4. Yes! Polo, CK One, Obsession for Men, Drakkar Noir, Paco Robanne, And Davidoff Cool Water! Eugh! Cool Water! I once had a crush on a guy at work who wore that! lol! And yes, if these guys had any idea! Poor gents! LMAO indeed!

  8. love the YSL necklace, amazing find!

  9. woooow i love the opium ysl necklace, what a great find!! lucky you! and also the horrockses dress! they are hard to get and i love the pattern!

  10. You really hit the jackpot with these finds. Love all the necklaces!

  11. Wow! What a score!! Yep, the second hand stores around here think they have GOLD. It's difficult to find a deal. You have to go out to the middle of nowhere to find good stuff. We should charge the early birds double for getting us out of bed so early. When I have a garage sale I usually keep a few things back and then mark the prices down towards the end of the day so that I can get the whole thing over with! Then I have a nice cold beer.

  12. You totally got an awesome deal on that necklace!! It's always dealers who show up super early! Garage sales have actually become a waste of time around here :( We won't hold one again after the last one had only a handful of people show up. xx

  13. I love the moonstone and rose carved necklaces :)

  14. Great finds - I so would have jumped at the YSL necklace too (I never wore the scent but it's a cool piece and rare to find it with the perfume intact). Tara's story is funny but do true - scent is so evocative and can bring you right back to a specific time. That's what I love about it - it can evoke so much more than memories!

  15. No wonder you're doing a victory dance, the YSL necklace is amazing. Excellent finds. WEll done you! xx

  16. Oh that dress is fabulous.......and it's a Horrockes. What a great find, I love that make of dress so much. The drawer liners are great.
    YSL pendant....what a gem.
    Love V

  17. Horrockses! great dress! i tried to get my hands on two horrockses dresses this month on ebay - the first horrockses pieces i ever found in germany - but i didn't won! i found the same carved rose necklace on a flea amrket some weeks ago.

  18. whoa this spider brooch! amazing! it's pretty&kitschy in a very good way ;>

    [my weirdoland - www.pigeongray.blogspot.com]

  19. Ooh the drawer liners are GORGEOUS and yay for Horrockses - I found a bargain Horrockses last week too and I LOVE her!!

    Sarah xxx

  20. What a great content-filled post. I love seeing what everyone gets. I love the carved rose necklace and the orange bag the best. It does feel great when you get something wonderful as a bargain. I've noticed the same epidemic here. The other week I saw two ladies get a couple of pictures I had just spotted and was moving in for. So I made sure for the rest of the market I was ahead of them! There is still some good stuff, we just might have to share it more! Ah well. I still enjoy that feeling of excitement, not knowing what you might find. xx

  21. That spider brooch is such a neat little find! I totally have a thing for insect jewelry, so my eyes were drawn to that picture first. :)

  22. You got so much gorgeous stuff! I love the dress and the bag, and that Opium necklace is the find of the century! That's crazy how much it's going for on ebay, I love the story of the assistant's eyes widening as she noticed the YSL. I don't think there's that many traders or charity shopping competition to contend with here. Things often seem to lie in the charity shops for weeks, though there's a huge car boot sale which I know gets rifled by them. xx

  23. I know what you mean about not wanting to get there too early. The best garage sale I have ever been to was when we drove past a sign that was just being put up. Non advertised garage sale!! Yay! I love your finds and well one on the YSL bar-gain!

  24. Oh what awesome buys, esp that YSL necklace!

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