Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kewpie Vacation

 Went on a day trip out of town. I took Kewpie for some documentation of the trip.
 We stopped at McDonald's for breakfast
 Highway shot
 Arrived in the town of our destination and used the bathrooms at The Bay.
 Picture of me downtown, with one of the many painted buildings
 Taken from the window of an antique store (Obviously a antique window too) *heheh*
Baby Carriage
 Awesome chair!
 Kewpie could not have been happier ..... he found some relatives. TOO BAD they were locked up in a glass case in the Salvation Army.
 Stopped in at Value Village
 Kewpie did a little rock climbing!
 I purchased this fringe dress from Value village
 Accessorized with Yellow and white Jewelry
 I just found these last week. They are one of my fave purchases of the year so far right next to Beatrice my carpet bag purse.
 Bought these for a 5'er on Saturday morning at a garage sale. A little more than I would have liked to spend... but I have been trying to not be a total cheapo! *hahaha*
Vaseline glass dish purchased from Salvation Army.
It has been a month since my last post. The reasoning is because of work.
One of stores we clean was supposed to switch over to Spring hours at the beginning of April. And it STILL HAS NOT HAPPENED YET. I was so looking forward to be able to clean a little less and have a bit more time for my hobbies. It can't be much longer before we get the go ahead. I mean Spring did start here on March 20 "WHAT'S THE FREAKIN HOLD UP?"


  1. Oh it does make me happy to see a post from you, Melanie! And I enjoyed going on your trip with you and Kewpie - is he a BOY? I never knew, I assumed all Kewpies were girls. I've learnt something.
    So back to the shopping - cute fringe-y frock, amazing candlesticks, and I can never resist vintage coloured glassware...
    I hope Kewpie was OK with the naked rock climbing (I was going to make some terrible joke here about tackle but I'll refrain).
    And I hope your working hours reduce a wee bit so we can hear from you more often, Mrs Coco - I miss you!
    PS. You look super gorgeous in that first photo! xxxxxx

  2. I liked the little trip. I have a special place in my heart for vaseline glass too. That work stuff getting in the way of blogging. I can relate.

  3. I thought all was rather quiet a Coconut Central. I'm glad Kewpie had a little adventure. I must say that baby carriage kind of creeps me out. Xx

  4. You're back! I missed you :)
    I loved your documented trip and that green glass is so pretty xxx

  5. OH you do make me smile kewpie looks like a fun one to bring on a road trip! Those candles sticks are seriously amazing what a score!!!!! xxx

  6. Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting ... do you know how long I've been waiting for you? Oh yeah, a month. It feels like six months. I am so jels of kewpie doll for going out and about in the nude with you. Where will he pop up next? 'cept I'm sure he's a she coz I see no package. Dammit, those candlesticks and the fringe dress are gawwwwwjussssss!!!!! Spring - yay!!!! Boo to work for taking advantage of your fabness. xoxoxoxoxooxxo

  7. You did make me smile today glad to hear that all is well and I hope your get to lower your hours soon. Kewpie looks like he and you had a great time :-) I am now writing a new blog I had to delete my other be great to see you there, dee x

  8. Lovely to see you posting again, hope the work load gets a bit easier soon.
    Love the tasselled dress and pretty candlesticks and you do look gorgeous in the first photo. Any plans to turn that plastic baby into a real one? xxx

  9. Yippeee - so happy to see a new post and a new adventure! Loved your finds, you look so Kewt in that fringed dress.

  10. Love the glass dish!And Kewpies of course.

  11. Awww, Kewpie <3 I am glad he found relatives! :)

  12. Tee Hee this was the best day ever with "Kewpie"!!!!! Thank you for sharing such an adventure, the little butt photo was to cute.
    I hope your work changes soon so you can play more in blogland. I hope you have a yummy weekend. love V

  13. thank you for your kind comment!
    i too love kewpie dolls!! i stalked your blog for some time last night! IN LOVE with your fur cape! now it's on my treasure list!

  14. Those pottery people freak me out but Kewpie is adorable. Looks like you had a great time. You didn't rescue any of her relatives from the Salvation Army then? Love the yellow nails too!

  15. I love Kewpie's adventures - you both look so cute. I have missed your posts but totally understand how life can be busy. I agree with you and I just hate it when things take longer than you expect. The candlesticks are awesome - what a great find!

  16. the vaseline glass dish is adorable, perfect for storage jewels :P

  17. When I was on vacation in Spain there was a chick who had a Blythe doll that she took photos of in various places, you reminded me of that and that I need to book trip and hotel for end of May!
    (Thank you!!! :D)

  18. ooooh how adorable kewpie ;)
    i can see the two of you had a great day, i love the picture with the flower;) and what an amazing dress you found!
    lots of love and kisses,mary

  19. Wow, you and Naked Kewpie had a great day out!

    I love that fringe dress you snaffled. Well done! Plus your profile picture is fantastic. xx

  20. What a fun post! I love the Kewpie rock-climbing with his little booty butt towards the camera!! I love that green glass dish! So pretty!!

  21. I've been wondering where you were. Of course, I've been out of the loop a lot too...busy, busy, busy. I'm glad you're OK, and I love your kewpie post.

  22. I love that fab chair too - AND YOUR PINK BOOTS!!!

    Sarah xxx

  23. what an adorable little kewpie.the walmart pic made my day.Looked like lots of your fringe dress.xx

  24. Your posts always make me giggle Melanie, these photos are so cute. I think my favourite is the rock climbing one, that bare little bum looks so funny. You got some great finds too, and I love the your style in the full length piccy! xx

  25. you and kewpie are too adorable! How have i never discovered you before! Oh My goodness! xxxx

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